Lt Governor Sinha Promises Government Support for J&K Startups

By Sunil Sonkar
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Lt Governor Sinha Promises Government Support for J&K Startups

Jammu and Kashmir is known for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage. Soon the region may also be known for a vibrant startup ecosystem. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha’s recent statements reveal a commitment to nurturing young entrepreneurs. He outlined at the National Seminar on the Role of Academic-Driven Startups in Developing the Economy of J&K UT RASE 2024 at NIT Srinagar a vision that could transform the economic landscape in the region.


Sinha highlighted the potential for startups in tourism, handloom, handicraft, horticulture and more such sectors in the region. His asserted that startups can bridge the gap between universities and industries. The startups can connect academic knowledge with real-world applications. They can foster innovation and drive economic growth. He also emphasized that startups are essential for employment generation as well as for profit creation.

The J&K administration lately rolled out a couple of key initiatives in the region. It rolled out the J&K Start-up Policy and the Holistic Agriculture Development Program (HADP). The programs aim to provide required support and resources to the young entrepreneurs. The focus is on both technology startups and non-technology startups.

Sinha believes that educational institutions should be at the forefront. The institutions can foster a culture of innovation within universities and colleges. They can create a robust talent pool which can tackle challenges of the modern economy. He also called for collaborations between academia, industry and policymakers. He highlighted the need for high-quality technical and vocational education.

Sinha advised the students to focus on solving problems and not just concentrate on creating products. The approach will yield more impactful and sustainable innovations. Startups can contribute to societal transformation and accelerate India’s development too.

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