How machine learning creates new professions and problems

When the first industrial revolution broke out in America, 3 very popular people made Triple Revolution Report, which suggested that if this Industrial revolution continues to follow the current trend, in sometime in the future all of the living individuals will lose jobs. Nonetheless, nothing of that sort happened. The reason being humans are adaptive, they are intelligent than any robot or AI or Machine learning ever created.

Machine Learning and AI will create new Professions:

Every time a new kind of automation comes into light, we see different types of jobs emerge. Before the industrial revolution we did not have IT industry or machine operators. Most of the jobs were concentrated on physical labour. Like every revolution this one which is in the transition period will create new jobs.

One in every two jobs is replaceable by machine learning and AI but the extent to which they are replaced depends on the extent of frequency and high-volume tasks involved in each profession. If the profession demands tackling of novel situations and critical decision making which doesn’t have a stored data set, Machine Learning can’t quite replace humans. However, Machine Learning does bring a plethora of new opportunities and jobs. So, how do these jobs in the future riddled with AI and Machine Learning look? That is quite impossible to tell because we don’t yet know to what extent Machine Learning can root into the fabric of society. However, based on the current trend, jobs like AI instructor, Data Scientists, Conversation Engineer and many more of that sort can emerge.

Only People with High Educational Qualifications Are Able to Fit into The New Professions

The quintessential point being, all of the professions in the future will be for those who are highly qualified with PhD’s and Master degrees not for the low-education sector. It has always been the case, whenever a modern technology emerges it disrupts the balance of the society and the income distribution. In a way, the evolution of technology has generated new professions for newer generation, but the existing generation suffered with unemployment due to complete take over by the machines.

There Is Great Need for Data Scientists and ML Researchers

Are there enough number of data scientist and ML researchers right now? The answer is no. A traditional computer science student is concerned about building algorithms or writing programs. But data science is completely different subject. The universities are unable to produce data scientist to meet the current hiring demand. The alternative being companies training existing computer science engineers in data science and ML.

Day by day the need for Machine Learning is increasing and to meet the demand, online education services like Udacity, Udemy, Coursera are creating courses tailored for graduated students about ML and AI. The fear of losing jobs should be compensated with learning new skills that can get us jobs created by this amazing technology.

Human creativity is indispensable to the economy, nothing can possible replace that, however, our own valiant efforts to mimic human intuition are just a fragment of what humans can do.

The surprising fact when recession is in the rear-view mirror is that people are showing incredible interest in Machine Learning and AI. People from professions which don’t relate to computer science are learning this new technology to witness the wonders done by ML from the front row seats. Chemical engineers, Electronic Engineers, Business analysts, Biological research scientists, and many more people professions are colluding to create one true technology which will be the backbone of every living technology in the world in the future. The need to recognize this aspect and come forward to learn the future and adapt to the situation is very important. More often than not ML and AI is not taught in the offices your work or universities you study. Some of the smartest people in the world have taken upon them to learn ML algorithms and AI by themselves to achieve something which was though unachievable a few years back.

As rightly quoted by Gandhiji that if we wish to see a change in the society we need to be the change. The same philosophy applies here also. If you want to see the society change into something smart and intelligent using AI and ML, then be the change you wish to see – Learn the technology and help turn the society into smart efficient and self-sustaining economy.

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