Machine Learning Revolutionizes Flood Relief Efforts in Assam

By Sunil Sonkar
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Machine Learning Revolutionizes Flood Relief Efforts in Assam

Floods have become an annual phenomenon in Assam. Millions of people are displaced every year. They are forced to take refuge at relief camps. Hence, the Indian government allocates hundreds of crores for relief efforts. It is important to ensure that the funds and resources are efficiently utilized as well as reaches the right locations. This has been always a challenge due to fragmented government data stored across various departments.


A breakthrough has emerged in the form of CivicDataLabs (CDL) lately. It is a startup that specializes in data unification and analysis. It has partnered with the Assam government to streamline and standardize disaster-related data.

CDL is tackling the fragmented data issue. It cleans and standardized datasets from 18 different state departments and central agencies. It introduced the Open Contracting Data Standard as it has been adopted by more than 50 countries. Assam becomes the first Indian state to adopt the standard.

CDL employed simple machine learning techniques to perform hazard analysis and disaster modeling. The analysis thereafter identified high-risk districts and revenue circles. Valuable insights were provided for the Assam government.

CDL enables comprehensive assessment of past trends and helps in planning for the upcoming monsoon cycles and restoration efforts. The Assam government has seen positive results with the model in identifying previously overlooked areas. The data-driven approach has significantly improved the allocation of resources and simultaneously ensured more effective flood relief efforts.

Moreover, the capabilities of the Assam government departments have expanded. Generating analytical reports during disasters was a slow process earlier due to lack of suitable software and data visualization techniques.

With the new development, there is a renewed enthusiasm for data science. Government officials are now actively pursuing online courses in geospatial data management and AI.

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