Machine Learning – the new catalyst in higher education

Machine Learning the new catalyst in higher education

Did you ever use spell check in google? If you have then you used a machine learning algorithm. There are countless instances in an average person’s day where he/she uses machine Learning. It has become a vital component in modern men’s life.

Driver less cars, Rovers in Mars, Weather predictions, Market share predictions, Speech Processing, Internet of things, Healthcare well these are just the tip of the iceberg. Machine learning is capable of doing much beyond whatever it is doing today. The concept of Machine learning in itself is intriguing.

Why not Higher Education?

How cool would it be, if you can divide the students in a class based on their search history or some kind of measuring parameter and support them with the help they need without students coming to the teacher’s desk and asking for help? Wouldn’t it take a huge work off of a teacher’s shoulders? Yes, it would.

I think whatever we are witnessing today is just a small fraction of machine learning can do. With proper data and training it can make more mundane jobs exciting.

More than 6% of the Machine learning market share is occupied by academics and higher education. Which is not a huge share, but still considerable.

People feel violated when a computer program scrubs your search history or read your emails to collect data for greater good. People should feel violated, I would be disappointed if I knew some software is reading my emails. But, on the bright side I get assistance and help with my task. Hey, google reads all my stuff. How do you think you get personalised data on your google cards?

But to what extent can we allow a computer program to take over our lives? That is a big question and the truth is no one has an answer to that.

How will Machine Learning help students and educational institutions?

An intelligent app to make study schedules for the particular course without the student sitting down and planning everything to the point. Basing on the previous study schedules used by the students who completed that course, the app can make everyday schedules.

It can track the students’ performance and give them suggestions or even make changes in the study schedules. The institutions can predict what the students are interested in and can make informed decisions on what to offer for the next lot of students.

These are just a few ways in which it can augment the quality of work done.

Written by Srikanth

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