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  • Machine Learning Is Reshaping Location-Based Services

    When we interact with digital devices and services, they almost always generate data about our location. Smartphone users rely on location services to look up driving directions and weather reports and set up geo-fenced alerts. For service providers, this information is equally useful: It can reveal a lot about customers, competitors, and opportunities to expand […] More

  • Machine Learning Will Change Every Business Sector

    Businesses in the world are rapidly evolving and there’s a significant need for automation-related applications and software, given the fact that the modern era’s technology has reached a point in which it’s possible to implement autonomous, self-learning features within such software, let’s analyse how machine learning will impact every business sector from 2019 and beyond. […] More

  • Data Center Chip

    Advancement in Chip Technology Fillips the Data Center Chip Industry

    Data centers form an integral part of any business as it holds all the important information of an organization. It’s hard to imagine a company, whether large or small, running at full load without a data center. As data centers hold such a crucial place in an enterprise, they cannot afford to be out of […] More

  • AWS Drives a New Paradigm with Correct Machine Learning Tools

    Over the previous 10 years, AWS sprang out as a ruler in the cloud computing space and carried on dominating the market. According to the recent market report, cloud revenue hiked up to $70 billion, the pious year and out of this, AWS cornered the largest share. Also, 2018 appeared to be a successful mark […] More

  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing Industry Making Headway with Passing Time

    Once only known through science fiction, 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has now become a must-have for engineering companies as well as a useful consumer tool. It is the only technology that allows an individual to design, create, and print an object of any shape or size imaginable. The layer wise production process of […] More

  • Identifying Customer Needs With Machine Learning

    Customer needs are effectively identified with machine learning. With the fast changing world, customers needs and taste of the product may change. AI along with machine learning is trying to improve the process of business. Data from customer feedbacks, comments, reviews and ratings are to be collected. The collected data is analysed with the help […] More

  • 2018 Most Significant Machine Learning Advances

    2018 Most Significant Machine Learning Advances

    Answer by Xavier Amatriain, Former ML researcher, now the leading Engineering team: “If I have to summarize the main things about the progress of machine learning in 2018 in a few headlines, this is what I might say: AI hype and fear of drying out to be cold. Focus more on concrete problems such as […] More

  • What is Automated Machine Learning – AutoML

    What is Automated Machine Learning? Quite simply, it is the means by which your business can optimize resources, encourage collaboration and rapidly and dependably distribute data across the enterprise and use that data to predict, plan and achieve revenue goals. With the right tools, today’s average business user can become a Citizen Data Scientist, using data […] More

  • Machine Learning Can Reduce Laboratory Testing for ICU Patients

    Machine Learning Can Reduce Laboratory Testing for ICU Patients

    Princeton researchers have found that machine learning can be used to improve care and reduce laboratory testing for patients in the intensive care unit. The researchers used data from more than 6,000 ICU patients to design machine-based learning systems that could reduce the frequency of laboratory tests and increase critical care time. The researchers used […] More

  • Introduction of neural networks in machine learning

    Introduction of neural networks in machine learning

    Why Do We Need Machine Learning? We need machine learning for tasks that are too complex for humans to be coded directly, eg Tasks are so complex that it is impractical, if not impossible, for us to do all the nuances and codes for them explicitly. So instead, we provide machine learning algorithms with a […] More

  • ML for Marketers

    ML Enables Marketers To Magnificently Use The Power Of Targeted Insights!

    In the present time, almost every company is using the potential of Machine Learning (ML) in one way or the other. Whether it is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data or Machine Learning (MI), every enterprise is making sure they have the right resources and the technology to capitalize on the latest technology. Now a days, […] More

  • Benefits of machine learning in health care

    Benefits of machine learning in health care

    It is safe to say that there are too many manual processes in medicine. When in training, I write lab scores, diagnoses, and other graphic notes on paper. I always know this is an area where technology can help improve my workflow and hope it will also improve patient care. Since then, progress in electronic […] More

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