MacOS, by default will block unknown USB-C accessories

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Mac OS

On a recent note, Apple made an announcement that the MacOS 13 Ventura is going to bring a bunch of noticeable characteristics to the operating system. The latest systems will be going to support USB devices on a mac, a more secure experience.


The operating systems will now restrict the new USB Type-C devices from communicating with the operating system until and unless the accessories are approved by the user. As per the release, this will be compatible on M1 and M2 macs.

As stated in the description, the latest feature will be enabled by default and would require a user to approve a USB-C accessory before the operating system communicates with it. This will be in the form of an on-screen alert where it will ask the users for permission to connect the device.

The characteristic is not applicable to power adapters, standalone displays, and devices that are connected to an approved hub. The feature is only confined to the Mac machine, and even if a device isn’t approved, it will still keep charging/ drawing power from the machine.

The step has been taken and approved further after a long period of research and testing for many years. Researchers have shown that several unauthorized cables contained malicious implants that could brick laptops and even destroy the insides of the computer.

The feature is quite similar to the unauthorized accessories USB restricted mode on iOS 12, which prevents iPhones and iPads from sharing data with the accessories without the permission of their owner.

Under the security and privacy settings, there is an option to disable the option in case you want to disable the feature.

All About MacOS 13 Ventura

Apple unveiled the MacOS 13 Ventura at the WWDC 2022 keynote as its next iteration of software for Mac and MacBook machines. The latest MacOS release has come up with a multitasking experience feature through Stage Manager. MacOS 13 also made redesigned preloaded applications like mail, notes, reminders, and messages. In addition to this, Apple has brought a new Safari browser to MacOS 13 Ventura. The downloading facility of the latest MacOS will be available on both Intel-powered as well as Apple Silicon-based Mac devices.

Apple has preloaded MacOS 13 Ventura with an updated Mail app. The version includes an improvised search bar option along with suggestions and spelling correction features. Further, Safari on MacOS Ventura has been updated with the ability to share tabs with friends and passkeys. The latter is designed as a password-less authentication standard which can be further utilized to log in to different Web services using biometrics via Touch ID.

For an enhanced gaming experience, MacOS Ventura works with Metal 3 and MetalFX upscaling. This will enable developers to render rich, visually complex scenes faster on the system. Apple introduced that No Man’s Sky will be the first game to be included on the Mac later this year that will be one of the initial titles to use MetalFX Upscaling.

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