Magic Leap promises google to launch this summer

Magic Leap promises google to launch this summer

Magic Leap Inc. is ready to give their most promising and long awaited edition of mixed reality googles in this summer.

The promising of the came out and announced a new investment along with an exclusive retail launch partner as the form of AT& T Inc.

The “Magic Leap One Create Edition” this google was came in market almost round three years back after the Magic Leap with their very first demonstrated  which includes responsibilities and capabilities. They are going to be powered by Nvidia Corp’s Tegra X2 system where on chip, by fulfilling the need of the google that has to be tethered to their PC. But eventually they need  the most dedicated pack, named a “LightPack”, in house.

In a report  says, the hardware of LightPack includes a Parker system of chip which is made up of two ARM A57 CPU cores, a Denver  “special use of case” with central processing cure unit and their will a 256- core by Nvidia Pascal graphics processing unit. Among one of the major ARM cores is made to be dedicated  with their feeding graphics, there are other game used and app logic.

Software which are indulge in running the google is one 64 bit Linux- based operating  ystem which known as Lumin, having a very unified memory system these are allowing to partition as they need.

As the investment aspect  AT  & T are together with Google, Alibaba Andreessen Horowitz Alibaba Group, Qualcomm Ventures and there are other who haven’t open to their strategies with investment aspect in Magic Leap AT& T so that they can be exclusive at retailing rights in the U.S.

With their lacking of date for launch many other statements are roaming this summer ,which going on until this Sept. 22, there are news release from AT& T  and clarify that  there are limited release available. This AT& T will be available for customers for their first experience at  there AT& T store in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and many more market will be in line.

The company has raised  more than $2.3 billion since this was started and being founded in 2011. Magic Leap amazed the technology experts in 2015 with their  first demonstration , but the question weather they will be able to maintain there  legacy or not for more years . Everyone is expecting something new and innovative from  Magic Leap Inc.


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