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Major Changes in Android P

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With android competing in the developers market, it came up with it’s the latest version of android P, it has been exclusively built for all the pixel, there are a few other models as well who support the upgrade, allowing devices to support better optimization of the device. The latest version android promises the best of what t can offer, from optimum speed, Simplicity and great extensions for applications.

Beginning with the modifications in text messages, you can directly reply to any format from the notification bar. There is an advanced recognition feature for unknown or never received before messages. The do not disturb feature allows you to keep your notifications below the bar for the desired duration.

The new version allows you to have an access to the streams from two or more cameras on your particular running device. The delay in the time initial capture has been reduced tremendously. It also allows you with a better interface for surface sharing. They have added APIs to aid with a display-based flash support that helps in having better special effects.

To have a better user interface and connectivity, it has come up with Animated Image Drawable class for putting out web animated images as well as GIFs.

A very beneficial update would be the data cost sensitivity, this has enabled applications to declare how data sensitive it is, letting the user have a better idea of the same.

A much-awaited launch has a better built-in security system. It also includes features like a unified fingerprint authentication and user-confirming transactions.

The device’s security is allowing a better back up pattern as well, the Google vault is also a part of this update. Every time there is a data restoration, you will have to put in the device’s pin, pattern or password as well, unlike the previous android versions wherein, you had to provide an alternative source for the backup.

The latest version provides betterment of accessibility, allowing you to have a better experience with your applications. Especially for the screen readers, to navigate from one part of the screen to the other.  The other inputs lying in the same niche include accessibility of the page titles, heading- based navigation and group-based navigation.

The new version allows you to track an application’s update during the multiple window withdrawal.

A very tedious task was to bring back the desired rotation of the skin in cases where an unintentional rotation took place. To cure this issue, they have an added new programmes that pin the current mode of viewing even if the device’s position changes. And the user can always trigger the rotation manually if and when needed.

The text of the android P version has many advancements. It allows you to pre-compute, magnify, layout or add smart link.

Post mentioning all of this, i can say that Android P version could be an absolute revolution and one should look forward to investing in it for sure.

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