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Make Your Food Safe With Big data and IOT

Make Your Food Safe With Big data and IOT 1

Good food is the indication of good health and reduces the risk of diseases. Food is the basic human right and all the nutrients required for the body is obtained from different foods which help to maintain a wide range of nutrients required for the body. Lack of rich nutrients will result in the suffering from metabolic activity which results in the decline of health. Too much of nutrients is also results in the decline of health by overweight and many other complications like heart diseases and diabetes. We must have an idea about where our food products are coming from and whether it is good for your health or not.

Many of us have heard certain publicities about a food item which is hazardous and unsafe. This news will give us an idea of not to use that product. But this is the age where multiple inspections are going on and we may wonder how these situations are happening? The fact is that tracking the contaminated food and isolating it is not efficient. This is the reason why big data and IOT came into the picture for transforming food sector.

Tracing Shipment with IOT:

For tracking the shipped food items from source to destination IOT comes up with RFID and bar-codes that are used in food industries. Advanced IoT sensors are being used to get more detailed information about food products that are transported throughout the world. These sensors can greatly improve food safety and they have the ability to identify small dust particles and track environmental conditions such as temperature. Some sensors even deliver data in real-time, ensuring that the optimal conditions that are emphasized by safety guidelines are always maintained. Sensors can be used to monitor the temperature of frozen chickens sent between China and the US because temperatures above freezing will endanger their safety.

IOT in Investigation:

The discovery of fouled food items cant is investigated by humans who are capable of investigating the source of contamination.IOT technology with its supervising and superior tracking capability can help the investigations about the exact point of contamination. Humanly possible to find all the touch points in our modern and very complex food processes.

Adding of Big data:

Big data added the unused lay in cyberspace with the side benefits of IoT. After the analysis and assembly of data, it will help to identify patterns of food-safety failures, help to track failure points and prediction of conditions which causes the food spoilage.


Many tech companies are capable of recognizing natural disasters before themselves with the help of big data analyzing historical patterns. This will result in the high benefits of crop producers by taking necessary preventive measures. Certain environmental conditions can encourage the growth of unwanted pests that make products unsafe for consumption.

Genetic Indexing:

The correlation between DNA and RNA can be identified with the help of big data and this results in the genetic indexing of particular foods. Food inspectors can spot the food items which contains harmful bacteria with the help of this information. After this, IoT can be used to track the source. After the starting point has been identified, more data can be obtained from there about conditions that encourage bacterial growth, which allow these conditions to be avoided in the future.

Storage safety with Big data and IOT:

The most common problem of food storage facilities is infestation with rats and many unwanted animals. Real-time data originating from IoT sensors combined with historical data on infestations now allows storage units to improve their conditions and protect the environment from these infestations.

Big data and IOT promote better collaboration:

According to WHO reports, almost 600 million people are affected with illness due to foodborne diseases. Out of them, 4,20,000 people pass away. To overcome this situation everyone working in food factories must work collaboratively.This collaboration can be achieved easily with the help of big data and advanced IOT which greatly assist in food factories.

Eating the right food which includes fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet is a major component of leading a healthy food. The risks associated with the global food system are widely recognized and have implications for a range of complex factors including increasing population, changing dietary patterns, erosion of natural capital, uncertain future climate, fluctuations in food prices, increased economic inequality and differences in access to safe food and nutritious

The potential role of innovation driven by data in implementing a possible framework in western development and economics will be discussed using various case studies. Opportunities to disseminate the types of sensors and existing and new technology networks will be explored. This will include the potential role of technology related to IoT and Big Data and evaluation of the feasibility and risks associated with its spread.

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