Making workplace happy is key to enhance Productivity

By Jason Cohen 6 Min Read
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Making workplace happy is key to enhance Productivity 1

Short term and long term happiness differ a great deal. You bonded a great contract at the workplace or given an increment in salary, it might make you excited. But it will fade away soon. Having long term happiness that emerges from your sense of satisfaction and contentment at the workplace is something else. For having a happy workplace, long term satisfaction with your job is necessary not merely temporary ones. The question at hand is how to make a workplace happier and merrier?

Bring in good-humored people to your company

It’s done at the time of hirings. HR departments in every company need to hire psychologists to determine the positivity levels in their prospective employees. An employee with a good sense of humor and an outgoing attitude is not only less likely to create a mess. But they will add to a friendly culture in your workplace. Mere analysis of a resume and accolades mentioned doesn’t suffice. You need constructive team members who can move forward by taking everyone on board. Not an arrogant bully who is proud of his achievements but everyone feels like running due to him.

A workplace shouldn’t revolve around work only

Monotony brings in boredom and seeking diversity is in man’s nature. When a workplace stresses over sticking to work routine only and providing no recreational options. It starts sucking at some point. Offering trips, company events, or lunches and sports options inside the premises of workspace provides an outlet to avoid burnout. Taking to cinemas for movies isn’t a bad idea either.

Appreciation is a weakness of every normal person

Just like you never forget to express your dissatisfaction with the performance of your subordinates whenever an opportunity arises. Do remember to appreciate or commend them with positive feedback when they perform up to your expectations. Many find a boost in their productivity levels after getting a comment of appreciation. They try to deliver more and remain in the good books of their employers. This will create a healthy competition in your workforce, where people won’t backstab each other to progress but put in actual efforts.

Provide training where needed

Just because an employee isn’t efficient in something, it doesn’t mean they can’t get trained to do it at par of their coworkers. Filter the committed ones from demotivated members and try to provide the learning environment suited to their needs.

Encourage wellness programs at work or outside

If you have sufficient space, provide a gym or else make your employees get subsidized membership at various gyms or health clubs. Healthy and physically fit employees are in favor of any company being productive.

Work/life balance

It’s one of the essential keys to making the workplace a really happier place. When family life is disturbed it inevitably affect the performance. Provide your employees with a breathing space. Giving them short vacations once in a while, offering remote work options for certain weekdays, flexible working hours can all contribute towards creating a healthy work environment.

There should be a free or discounted childcare option available at the workspace. Working mothers face extreme pressures for not being able to remain closer to their kids. Not only that childcare expense is horrendously high and at times take away a sizeable chunk of salary.

Make them feel, you care!

Offering health and life insurance policies are just a norm but going beyond that will add the feeling of being cared for.  Surprise them with fun events where they can connect with their staff members and develop feeling of association with them. Free daily lunches are a great way to inculcate this feeling as well.

Trust building sits at core

Offer them the chance to share their feedback as well. You are the boss so your feedback matters, but their matter as well. Give them chance to open up about the issues they are facing at work, and make a sincere effort to fix them. If they are facing pressures from their seniors or coworkers, it will eventually affect their productivity because of increasing stress.

Try to engage in discussions with them quite often even without the idea of discussing workplace issues. No need to micromanage them. If you are concerned about employee productivity, subscribe to a reliable Staff time monitoring software. It will capture screenshot every minute and provides intelligence reports. Intelligence reports will provide report on time spent at each and every URL.

The bottom line is when staff members are happy and satisfied, they will feel indebted to their employers to deliver more. A stressed and frustrated employee will ultimately start falling behind his own goals and targets.

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