Manage Documents Easy,Effective with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Documents are the lifeline of every business whether big or small. This importance makes it mandatory for businesses to effectively manage documents which includes generation, storage, retrieval, security, etc. While the digitization is surging, organizations are moving from traditional approaches to contemporary solutions for managing documents.

The shift in the approach requires organization to select the right tool for performing routine tasks which includes document management. An example of such a tool is Microsoft Dynamics AX which is versatile ERP solution that empowers businesses to manage resources and make fruitful customer relationships.

Making It Easy

Transition from one method to another might require time and effort. The time aspect involves the planning, selecting of the right method, implementing, testing the effectiveness. The effort would involve the work done by teams or individuals in making the above tasks possible. It is possible to make document management easy by:

  • Establishing a clear process for document management which starts which the ways to generate and store automatically and end with describing how to destroy records.
  • Eliminating unnecessary stages in document processing. For example, your team might be required to maintain hard and soft records when only one is sufficient.
  • Conducting compliance audits to check how well the staff is following the established protocols. This will help you take the right steps before things are too complicated to handle.

Making It Effective

Laying out a process and making your team follow it for managing document is just one thing. If you thought that is what document management is all about, then you are mistaken. A document management system is a success when you are able to benefit from it.

An example to illustrate the effectiveness would be to analyze the increase in productivity of your team after the process automation by using Microsoft Dynamics AX. When you see a visible change in aspects like productivity in the above example can you be sure that the document management system in place is effective. Some parameters to check the effectiveness are:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better reporting
  • Easy access to data
  • Quick retrieval and contact

Making It Both Easy and Effective

As an organization, you can successfully use any ERP solution to manage your documents. However, there is a shortcut to making the whole process easy and effective and that is to engage a Microsoft Dynamics AX specialist who can take care of setting up the process and customization with minimal effort and time required from your employees.

The specialists are always well-versed with the industry trends and can guide you in a way better way than your team can. The benefit of partnering with a specialist is that they work with multiple industry clients and the exposure and experience they possess can be used to your benefit.


There are surveys that show the cost involved in maintaining a specialized full-time team is more than venturing into vendor partnership. Let us know what you think about this by sharing your opinion in the comments section.

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