ManageEngine Debuts Conversational Virtual Support Agent with Zoho Ai

By Sony T
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One of the largest IT product based firm Zoho has now also incorporated it’s Artificial Intelligence-based assistant Zia, into the company latest flagship IT helpdesk solution that is ServiceDesk Plus.

Zia will be going to serve as the virtual IT support assistant for the ServiceDesk, which is also a part of the Zoho IT Management software division firm ManageEngine.

Zoho revealed in a statement that the AI enabled assistant can even answer some of the complex questions, interact with the third-party applications and even perform some of the service desk operations. This would help to make the company reduce the response times and even boost up the efficiency of the technicians.

“With the debut of Zia as a virtual support agent, we are laying the groundwork for enhancing service delivery and service desk efficiency with AI,” said Umasankar Narayanasamy, director of engineering at ManageEngine.

Technicians and end customers will now be able to chat with the user interface or even talk to the Zia Voice which can even respond on more than various dozens actions. The service desk teams can also create some of the custom responses depending on the user requirement.

The company also revealed that the launch of the assistant would help the team strike the right balance between the business IT service management projects and worry less about handling the simple doubts that customer could even pose. This would also help counter the end user frustration owing to the non-availability of the quick response solutions.

Zoho also revealed that the virtual support agents would be a valuable addition for on-field technicians who may not have the right access to the standard as a service desk interfaces.

“While business end-users want on-demand access to IT service desk personnel, IT support staff prefer to focus on higher priority activities,” said Rajesh Ganesan, vice president of product management at ManageEngine.

The company revealed that Zia serverless developer console would also be going to develop the models, which would also work for the desk teams in the saving and scripting Zia actions on the ServiceDesk Plus.

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