Mannequin challenge helps in training AI for researchers

Mannequin challenge helps in training AI for researchers 1

Mannequin challenge in which multiple people are frozen at the same time while one of them showing the lives of the other is an exciting and fun challenge, which is also now trending on social media. This challenge was enjoyable until Google finds out that they can train their AI through this challenge, which also puts it under tech usage. Reachers of Google are now using the mannequin challenge to train their AI.

Google is using AI, which is using 2,000 videos to train a neural network to understand 3D scenes. In other words, it is preparing its AI to predict depth in the videos better. Humans are naturally good at explaining what 2D and 3D views are, which is where artificial intelligence lack. The aim is to help AI better predict depth in a video where the camera id was moving.

The fact that the researches used videos without notifying the people who have done the videos would raise privacy issues. But, by this challenge, the examinations converted the video clips and created dept maps into 2D images so the AI can identify the objects quickly.

These neutral networks help in developing the technology of self-driving cars and robots can navigate the direction on their own, even in unfamiliar and unknown areas. This helps in taking AI to a whole new level with so many beneficial advantages.

The researchers had taken the videos from Twitter, Instagram, youtube, and many other social media sites and only from public accounts to maintain privacy from the private users and to minimize the privacy issues. This benefited the researchers by finding may other creative videos of the mannequin challenge.

By this, social media also promotes encouraging the development of technology and improvement in the AI sector. All the 2000 videos that have been taken from different social media sites helped in improvising the idea of training AI.

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