Google Maps will predict crowded trains/buses/subways

By Srikanth
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Google Maps will predict crowded trains/buses/subways 1

Google maps have become very helpful for Indian commuters. It has released that types of features that have been in the favor of the Indian travelers to travel faster, safer and a lot easier.


We all know that earlier this year, Maps has released a new feature that predicts how long it takes for public transport like buses or trains to get to a certain location, and in the past week, it has also released a feature called the ‘Stay safer’ that notifies the users if their cab is going off direction.

Addition to this, Google Maps has also introduced a feature that informs the crowdedness of public transport. Starting from October last year, maps have been asking users to rate their journey at peak hours, which is from 6 am to 10 am.

It has also asked the users detailed information like how many seats were available or the train/bus had only standing room during those hours. This lets the company analyze the crowdedness of each transport at a given time.

This has later been developed by the company into a wide network of knowing the movement of the public in huge cities, which helped them add a new feature to the app, that allows the public to know what rush they have to face in each of these transports. This data is real-time and it allows its users to upload it themselves.

Google does not find this type of features brand new as they have already established features like real-time live updates for the bus drivers to know their delays and live traffic delays in all the locations across the world.

However, these features are not available in all the cities yet. Google is looking forward to starting these features soon in all the cities over the globe within the next months this year. And these features will be available both on iOS and Android.

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