How Can You Play Mario Kart on Xbox One?

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How Can You Play Mario Kart on Xbox One? 1

Mario Kart, the beloved racing game that has captivated gamers worldwide for decades, is renowned for its exciting races and iconic characters. Given its unwavering popularity, fans naturally wonder if they can relish this Nintendo classic on their Xbox One. In this article titled ‘How can you play Mario Kart on Xbox one’, we will explore the sphere of Mario Kart, investigate the potential for Xbox One compatibility and present alternative gaming solutions.


Mario Kart goes beyond being an ordinary game. It offers an immersive journey. In this fast-paced racing game, you will encounter cherished characters from the Mario franchise including the likes of Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong and a vibrant ensemble of others. It whisks players away to the fantastical and exhilarating sphere of the Mario series, where you will navigate courses like the heart-pounding Bowser’s Castle.

Throughout its evolution, Mario Kart has consistently adapted and expanded, providing a rich array of gameplay modes tailored to the desires of gamers. Whether you seek intense battles, engaging online multiplayer competitions, challenging time trials, thrilling match races or high-stakes grand prix events, it delivers an experience to suit every taste. It is not merely a game, but it is a vibrant and continually growing gaming phenomenon that has captivated players of all ages worldwide.

Does Xbox Have Mario Kart?

Regrettably for those hoping to enjoy Mario Kart on their Xbox One, the answer is a big “no.” Mario Kart remains an exclusive Nintendo franchise, restricted to Nintendo consoles like the Nintendo Switch. You won’t come across Mario Kart in the Microsoft Store for Xbox, leaving Xbox users without this iconic racing game.

How to Play Mario on Xbox

If you’re a fan of Mario and you own an Xbox, you might be wondering if there’s any way to play Mario games on your console. While you can’t play the official Mario Kart game on an Xbox One, there is a workaround that allows you to enjoy some Mario-themed gaming on your Xbox.

Here’s how you can do it:

• Start by turning on your Xbox One and getting to the home screen using your controller.
• Look for the Microsoft Edge browser in the Apps section of your Xbox and open it. This browser will be your gateway to accessing Mario games.
• Once you are in the browser, use your Xbox controller to search for Mario HTML5 by pressing the Y button. This search will lead you to an HTML5-based Mario game that you can play on your Xbox.
• Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the world of Super Mario. You will be able to control Mario and explore familiar landscapes.

Though it may not offer the official Mario Kart experience, this workaround provides a delightful opportunity to savor some Mario-inspired gaming on your Xbox console. It is a fantastic means of revisiting the nostalgia of Super Mario without requiring a Nintendo console. So, feel free to into the exciting gaming adventures with Mario right on your Xbox!

Xbox Game Pass and Mario Kart

While it doesn’t replicate the official Mario Kart experience, this solution lets you enjoy a dose of Mario-themed entertainment on your Xbox console. It is a wonderful way to relive the classic charm of Super Mario without the need for a Nintendo console. So, don’t hesitate to get into on some gaming adventures with Mario on your Xbox!

Mario Kart on Xbox, Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart fans can enjoy Mario Kart 8 on Xbox. However, there is a catch to it. This game exclusively supports Xbox One controllers. If you prefer other controllers, you will need the Xbox One Controller Sling Adapter to broaden your options and enhance your gaming experience. With the right setup, you can still get into the world of Mario Kart on your Xbox.

Mario Kart Across Consoles

Mario Kart’s enduring popularity across generations of Nintendo consoles reflects its universal appeal. This iconic racing game has graced numerous platforms, from the nostalgic Nintendo 64 to the modern Nintendo Switch, offering gamers a diverse range of experiences and remaining a favorite among Nintendo fans.

But the reach of Mario Kart doesn’t stop there. It has even graced the classic Super NES, found its way into arcades for group enjoyment, and had memorable releases on the Wii, Wii U as well as Game Boy. And let us not forget the dynamic gameplay experiences it offered on the GameCube. Regardless of the platform, it has consistently delivered high-octane racing thrills and captured the imaginations of players across generations.


Mario Kart holds a special place in the hearts of gamers, thanks to its timeless appeal and enduring fan base. Although it remains an exclusive gem on Nintendo consoles, the gaming community’s creativity has given rise to workarounds, ensuring that Mario-themed adventures can still find their way onto your Xbox. While the official Mario Kart experience may elude Xbox users, the ever-expanding Mario universe continues to invite exploration on a variety of Nintendo platforms, keeping the spirit of adventure alive.

In the world of gaming, boundaries are often pushed and possibilities expanded. While the confines of official titles may have limitations, the gaming community’s ingenuity and shared passion can lead to unexpected discoveries and new experiences. So, whether you are racing through the Mushroom Kingdom on a Nintendo console or discovering inventive ways to bring Mario to your Xbox, remember that the joy of gaming transcends platforms. We hope this article titled ‘How can you play Mario Kart on Xbox one’ has not only answered your questions but also inspired your own gaming adventures. If you have more insights or inquiries to share, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Happy gaming!

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