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Market share of Mobile Brand’s in 3rd Quarter 2016 Across Globe

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Relying on a huge number of handsets at affordable price Samsung still retains the no 1.position for world’s best smartphone vendor at the third quarter of the year 2016.

However the premium brand of Samsung and Apple feel the squeeze with rise of the cheaper android smartphone brands gaining good positions. As per the latest findings of the statistics, Samsung managed its sales of 72.5 million of smartphones in the quarter ended in September 2016.

Though there has dip in the sales share of Samsung market from last year 3rd quarter but still remains unchallenged at the number one spot. The sales of Samsung has seen a large dip largely due to the poor show of Samsung S7 and S7edge blast issues. But, the stocks are still at the brim of the list but as per the market observers, the last quarter can see some change also.

Going by the planning of Samsung; it is planning its recovering through Note series next launch in festive season. Not lagging behind too much is Apple. As per the company spokesperson, the Company is eying the festive season for its upsurge in market sales. Apple is hopeful about the craze and demand about the flagship model iPhone 7 plus with spectacular additional features like dual camera.

In third position is upcoming smartphone giant Huawei. It has 9.7 percentile of the shares with more than 33 million smartphones sold in the quarter. It has made remarkable improvement from the earlier quarters of 2016. Some of the other notable companies which are making themselves count among the giants in contribution of the top shares in market for smartphone marketing are Oppo, and Vivo. In third position is upcoming smartphone giant Huawei

Let us know look at the 4th quarter which will be interesting to see, where Samsung has to strive hard to keep up to its reputation of the fatal error of its flagship phone. Apple trying to boost its sales 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and the bigger screen iPhone 7 plus.

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