Marketing as a Service. Why is it so important?

Marketing as a Service. Why is it so important? 1

More and more often companies come to the conclusion about the necessity of business expansion at the expense of regional expansion. Reasons, as always, can be many: the market for “their” region is exhausted, there is a feeling that the tested business models can be replicated in new territories, it is time to expand the partner network … The only question is how to provide marketing support for this development. One option is to take a closer look at the services of the System of Interregional Marketing Centers. Recently, saas marketing agency have become popular, they help to promote your product to the masses and draw attention to it, this is very important.

The importance of marketing as a service

Marketing in the world is recognized as almost the main engine of business. And now the marketing services are growing, sometimes occupying entire floors of office complexes. Indeed, the sharper the competition, the more they have to deal not so much with the creation of basic goods and services, as with the study of the situation and consumer behavior, support for sales and the formation of a favorable image of companies.

The difference between the service and the product

Because of the peculiarities of production and implementation of services, their marketing is different from marketing of material goods.

A service is intangible. It is difficult for the consumer to evaluate and verify the service before buying it. Therefore, the basis for the transaction is the credibility of the seller, the image and reputation of the company.

Production is inseparable from the source. The service is produced by the worker at the place and time of service. It cannot be separated from the seller and, in most cases, from the buyer. The person doing the work and the person being served are present at the same time.

How to influence the balance of supply and demand:

  • Use pre-booking, reservations;
  • Set prices according to the seasonality and level of demand;
  • use temporary workers for a period of high demand.

Quality assessment is subjective. The quality of goods is constant and is conditioned by the type of raw materials, production technology, and equipment.

The actual result of the work also depends on the consumables, tools and technology. But the quality of the final product does not determine the quality of the service. If the master made a successful haircut, but was rude, the visitor will remain dissatisfied.

The quality of service is inconstant. The personality of the salesperson, the setting, the background data are of great importance. The perception of quality is influenced by the customer’s personal experience, requests, expectations, and even moods.

A service is often requested by a specific professional. Therefore, personnel management plays an important role in the marketing system. When hiring, you need to assess not only the professional, but also the personal qualities of employees. And if you are an expert and provide services yourself, develop a personal brand. This will help to attract clients.

Services cannot be stored and accumulated. Therefore, it is extremely important to find a balance between supply and demand.

Marketing software

Marketing software should perform two functions:

1) accumulate useful information and, based on it, make “text blanks” for the director on the necessary qualitative information and propose algorithms on marketing principles for processing quantitative information;

2) plan the implementation process and monitor the progress of the business decisions made.

Ideal marketing software is a system that provides the director with consulting services in the field of quality decision-making (offers text blanks with decision-making options); consulting in the field of rules and principles of processing quantitative information for marketing purposes from other accounting and financial software products (offers a text description of the rules and principles of processing information for marketing purposes); on the processing of this quantitative (digital) information (offers working marketing mathematical models); planning of implementation processes and control of the progress of implementation of business

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