Maruti Suzuki Invests in AI Startup for Enhanced Vehicle Quality

Maruti Suzuki invests in Amlgo Labs, specializing in AI and advanced tech, signaling a commitment to enhancing future car quality.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
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Maruti Suzuki Invests in AI Startup for Enhanced Vehicle Quality

Maruti Suzuki is embracing artificial intelligence (AI). It is set to invest in a startup called Amlgo Labs, which specializes in using technology like data analytics, cloud engineering, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) as well. It has bought a 6.44 per cent share in Amlgo Labs and this amount to Rs 1.99 crore. The investment shows that Maruti Suzuki is seeking the use of advanced technology to make better cars in the future.

Amlgo Labs is based in Gurugram and Bengaluru. It has an overseas office in Delaware, United States, and best known for using data as well as technology to make smart decisions.

The investment of Maruti Suzuki is being done through its own fund called the Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund, which is meant for investing in startups that are good at using technology. Earlier, in June 2022, Maruti Suzuki similarly invested in a startup named Sociograph Solutions Private Limited.


Maruti Suzuki CEO and MD Hisashi Takeuchi stated that they are dedicated to working with startups to bring in new ideas. He also mentioned that Maruti Suzuki’s support for the Startup India initiative to help them grow. Takeuchi believes that investing in Amlgo Labs will help them to make better cars by using advanced technology.

Amlgo Labs Private Limited founder Ajay Yadav thanked Maruti Suzuki for helping them in their growth. He said that the support has helped them improve their work. He believes that by combining their expertise in data analytics, ML and AI with Maruti Suzuki’s guidance, they will be able to offer better solutions.

The partnership between Maruti Suzuki and Amlgo Labs reveals that Maruti Suzuki is serious about using advanced technology to make better cars.

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