Media startup NextGen Bags $145K during seed funding

Media startup NextGen Bags $145K during seed funding 1

A start up based on media venture, Next Gen Science Media (NGSM) that is mainly focusing on the growth of Medical Science  and technology which are trending for new era clinicians, they raised in their first round of funding from Singapore- based Emerge Ventures, that DC Books India and some individual investors.

The company got the chance to raise 1 crore as their seed capital, which they will be using to develop and launch such good quality medical facility and content for news to get print and digital forward in India.

Yesterday, Next Gen Science Media has revealed one of its product which is going to be the part of India’s first medical science and technology based news magazine, with the name of magazine “Future Medicine”.

This magazine will be available in print format as well as in digital format, it will include the topics related to doctors, health care professionals. There main target audience are honored to get the very first copy of the monthly edition of this magazine at an August inaugural function in New Delhi.

“Future Medicine is itself a very unique initiative in medical science and technology news magazine which is only dedicated to provide good quality knowledge for Indian doctors with some growing scientific trends all across the world, but it is also providing a better platform for doctors, researchers and medical students to can have a debate or discussion on all the latest happening and relevant topics in medical science” said Dr. Pratap C Reddy. He also added that this magazine will be going to provide much awareness and new information in the access of India’s health care system which was unknowingly missing in our country since ages and this is a game changer.

Next Gen Science Media Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore- based start up for driving knowledge in medical science which is getting full support from Emerge Ventures- Singapore, DC Book India and a group of individual investors.

The main goal of the start up is to focus on gathering and distributing good quality content which is based on latest and developing in the area of medical science and health care technologies which should also include new trends for the clinicians, researchers, medical students and main decision makers of health care management.


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