MediaTek Eyes Growth Surge Through Advances in AI and IoT

By Sunil Sonkar
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MediaTek Eyes Growth Surge Through Advances in AI and IoT

Semiconductor giant MediaTek is stepping into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). It understands the popularity and potential of generative AI (GenAI).  Hence, it sees an unprecedented opportunity for growth.


MediaTek VP of Corporate Marketing Finbarr Moynihan said that AI is currently a huge topic in the industry and they are viewing generative AI as a fundamental technology shift.

He further states that the AI industry is now in the installation phase and characterized by massive investments in cloud infrastructure as well as device ecosystems. AI will become deeply integrated into various industries. It will drive significant growth for the semiconductor sector too. Amid such a scenario, MediaTek envisions GenAI impacting everything. The segment will impact mobile devices, automotive systems, IoT applications and more.

MediaTek has a stronghold in the mobile sector. It currently powers more than 50% of smartphones in Southeast Asia. It dominates in various key markets in the world including India, the Middle East and Africa. It even has prominent presences in some competitive regions like North America and Europe with more than 40% of the Android market share.

The company faced challenges in 2023, but it successfully maintained robust market performance. It is now looking ahead for modest growth in 2024 too and this will be due to the ongoing demand for 5G devices and the integration of GenAI capabilities.

Its flagship Dimensity 9000 series is AI integrated and supports advanced functionalities. The key functionalities include on-device large language models and image generation technologies. Moreover, there is no need for cloud connectivity. Moynihan states that nearly half of all smartphones shipped globally will boast generative AI capabilities by 2027.

MediaTek is also accelerating its innovation with strategic partnerships. It has collaborated with Nvidia to enhance in-cabin experiences.

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