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MediaTek Plans to Partner with Indian Firms for AI Apps

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MediaTek, which is a Taiwanese chipset is now planning to collaborate with the Indian software companies to develop the AI-based applications which will be going to be higher demand with the adoption of the latest 5G technologies.

AI-based solutions are going to be more in demand when the 5G services would start rolling out worldwide. Some of the next-gen technologies like the Machine Learning, AI will help the devices to customize on their set of usage patterns according to the users.

“So far, for AI applications, Mediatek’s partners have been big international companies like Google and Facebook. But for the next step we want to collaborate with local start-ups who want to develop AI-based applications for the Indian market,” MediaTek’s Wireless Communication General Manager T L Lee told PTI.

“In 2018, we developed AI specific features function and application for global usage, but as we move into 2019 we want to be part of the Indian community,” Lee said.

The company has now launched its first ever AI based Helio P70 at the Indian mobile Congress with the inbuilt central processing unit for the GPU and computing functions for the high definition multimedia applications.

India is the largest producer for the MediaTek after China, which has a total of 20-25% of smart devices business in the global revenue of the MediaTek’s.

Ai based solutions are going to be more in demand for the 5G services especially for the health, agriculture solutions, and autonomous cars.

“We expect to have MediaTek’s 5G solutions to come in the market next year. We will start working with telecom careers first for 5G solutions. Our priority for 2019 is to have field trials on 5G technology in India, US, China, and Europe,” Lee said.

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