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  • Please enlighten our readers about your venture; what is the thought or inspiration behind the same?

BramhAnsh Technologies Private Limited is a leading MedTech Company dedicated to serve the healthcare sector by offering advanced medical devices designed to address conditions such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and various others. The organization is committed to a mission of transforming the healthcare sector through innovative clinical grade wearable medical technologies, with the aim of elevating patient outcomes and enhancing the quality of life on a global scale.


The inspiration for our journey originated in 2015 when I, Jaideep Tiwari, Founder and CEO of BramhAnsh Technologies, was personally diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and required treatment. Rather than succumbing to this challenge, I, along with my friend K. Kartik, Co-founder and COO of BramhAnsh Technologies decided to harness the potential of technology to address mental health issues. With a history of collaboration and shared interests dating back to our college days, we embarked on a mission to establish a company that would leverage technology to provide relief from a wide range of disorders. As emerging young entrepreneurs hailing from a small town in Chhattisgarh, we carried a grand vision.

Our journey officially began in 2017 when we initiated extensive research into the development of a technology that uses sound waves as a method of stimulation to calm down the nervous system. After countless hours of research, dedication, and hard work, we successfully developed the remarkable technology. In 2020, we received a patent for our innovation, which we proudly named “Migraelief.”

  • Background of the founders

BramhAnsh Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Company is the brainchild of Jaideep Tiwari and K. Kartik and was founded in the year 2018. Jaideep and Kartik both studied engineering at SSGI Bhilai (C.G), a small town in Chhattisgarh. Since their college days, they have collaborated and worked on numerous projects together. These college students from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, were selected for a national event named “Smart India Hardware Hackathon”. After becoming the winner of this national level event, mentors named Deepak Bhopatkar (ISRO retired scientist) and Sudarshan Natu (ex-vice president of HARMAN) invited them from Bhilai to Pune after seeing their innovative ideas and work. The support of mentors led them to kick-started their entrepreneurial journey.  

Both Jaideep and Kartik are on the run to innovate and explore the tech world with their creative ideas. The devices founded by them are the most affordable and best in terms of use as compared to the other devices available in the market. It’s easy to use, portable, cost-effective and gives the best results. Now they are all set to experiment with the ideas and bring more such innovation into the tech world.

  • How is BramhAnsh Technologies revolutionizing the MedTech industry; What are its key USPs?

BramhAnsh Technologies leads the MedTech industry revolution with its innovative low-frequency sound wave technology that are bone conducting and are capable of stimulating nerves activity. This approach, inspired by sound wave-based treatments, has yielded a clinically validated solution with treatment and preventive capabilities. Our USP lies in our products, which distinguish themselves in the market due to their affordability and exceptional performance, compared to existing treatment methods. As a company, we maintain a persistent commitment to continuous innovation, with plans to introduce more groundbreaking technologies into the MedTech Industry. We are a leader in the MedTech industry because we strongly prioritize making our products affordable, easy to use, and of high quality. We are focusing on bringing positive changes and enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

  • BramhAnsh Technologies developed Migraelief. Please explain how this platform works. How is it transforming people suffering from various health disorders?

“Migraelief” is the first wearable device for migraine treatment in INDIA. It is a medical-grade device that has been clinically validated and developed to assist individuals who have not found relief for their migraine symptoms through other treatments. 

MIGRAELIEF is a CDSCO-registered and ISO-CE-certified device that utilizes research-backed low-frequency sound waves that can conduct through bone which is generated by the developed patented transducer technology. MIGRAELIEF has a unique band design and transducer placement that enables the efficient distribution of low-frequency waves across the head and ensures efficient neuromodulation by stimulating the nerves. It ensures non-invasive and medication-free relief, which is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience limitations or side effects with medications. 

Migraelief stands at the forefront of global innovation in sound wave-based migraine treatment, with an outstanding success rate of 82%. The Migraelief device is designed to be worn as a headband, strategically positioned at the center of the forehead. This innovative approach to migraine management offers a swift and effective solution, capable of alleviating acute migraine pain within a mere 20 minutes. Furthermore, Migraelief extends its utility beyond immediate relief, making it suitable for preventive treatment.The MIGRAELIEF App empowers users to personalize their treatment, track symptoms, and facilitate better migraine management through shared records with healthcare professionals. Notably, Migraelief significantly reduces work-related impairments and the need for medication. It extends its benefits proactively, curbing the frequency and intensity of migraines. Clinical Trial Reports firmly support these advantages, underscoring Migraelief’s life-changing impact on enhancing the quality of life for migraine sufferers worldwide.

  • What are the Challenges faced by your company in developing this product?

For a startup like BramhAnsh Technologies, there is a need for an ecosystem of fabrication vendors and suppliers who should be ready to do parts manufacturing at an affordable cost for us. So, when we were developing our Transducer technology for generating sound waves, we faced many challenges in finding the right vendor who could do the job for us. This is because all vendors required a bulk order for running any batch of production, and at a research-level company like us, we couldn’t afford to spend a huge amount on sample pieces.

  • What according to you is the future of the MedTech industry, especially with regard to applications related to sound waves?

The future of the MedTech industry, particularly in sound wave applications, is characterized by innovation, personalization, and improved healthcare accessibility. There have been multiple researches published on this topic showcasing its wide use cases in pain management and mental health-related problems. Extracting from the above research we are also working on the development of more non-invasive, drug-free treatments for diverse medical conditions, including mental health disorders and pain management, and expanding the use cases of this technology. These technologies will enhance patient outcomes, decrease healthcare expenses, offer personalized solutions through wearable devices, enable remote healthcare, and address a broad range of medical issues. As research and development efforts continue to advance, we plan to introduce a growing array of sound-stimulation based solutions contributing to a healthier and more interconnected healthcare system that is both effective and accessible.

  • What are your plans for the next 12 – 15 months?

At BramhAnsh Technologies, our vision is to be at the forefront of the mental health and wellness solutions sector. We are persistently committed to achieving this vision through relentless innovation, extensive research, and dedicated development efforts. To realize this commitment, we are thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking products built on the patented sound wave technology that will address the requirements of patients suffering from hypertension and hearing loss.Additionally, we are exploring new avenues in mental health, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression, using our transducer technology. Our products aim to enhance lives through cutting-edge solutions:

  • Soonyam: Soonyam leverages biofeedback to offer users insights into their mind’s activity, making it an invaluable tool for meditation and psychological counseling. This innovative solution promotes improved mental health and a more balanced life.
  • Bone Conducting Hearing Aid: This hearing aid addresses specific hearing challenges that conventional devices cannot effectively manage. By conducting sound through bone, it provides an effective remedy for hearing loss that standard aids fall short in addressing.

These pioneering products exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in our quest to enhance mental health and overall well-being. BramhAnsh Technologies is poised to lead the charge in the mental health and wellness solutions sector, offering transformative solutions that significantly improve people’s lives.

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