Meesho a social commerce raised $11.5 million

Meesho a social commerce raised $11.5 million 1

Meesho a Bangalore – based social commerce startup  which facilitate resellers and new brand to build their business through online social media. In Series B funding session which is held by Sequoia India Meesho received $11.5 million.

Meesho was not alone there but with all leading investors like SAIF Partners, Y Combinatorial and Venture Highway.

Pervious year in October  Meesho raised $3.1 million from investor SAIF  Partners and also the startup raised funding  from other investors to with condition of not disclosing the investment amount. Till now Meesho  totally raised $15 million.

The  founder of Meesho is from IIT Delhi Mr. Visit Artrey and Sanjvee Barnwal. Meesho give stage to housewives, retired people, small retailers, and brands to sell their  products  related to fashion, lifestyle, decor etc on social media and to earn atleast INR20,000 to INR25, 000. Meesho provide online  platforms to get small startups reach top with the help of WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media. The excellent service given by excellent minds are great combination graduates from  IIT Delhi and Meesho  was founded  in Bangalore.

Meesho have indulge 80,000 sellers and buyers  more than 500 town in India to get their startup idea implemented successfully and generate great revenue.  With the help of Meesho a small business startup can reach around  4 million active consumers. Vidit and Sanjvee  had a vision to empower  each Indian to have their own business and management segment will be provided by Meesho to flourish with best service. After graduation they went to back Bangalore and start planning how to implement their vision into reality to help others in achieving their dreams and ambition.

“There are large number of Indians  who finally  want to establish their business irrespective of being at any age, caste or gender and Meesho is now supporting there dreams like pillars” said Artrey. “We are growing 20X fast since last year after Series A funding, we will always  support all the retailers, housewives and retirees to grow there business even more faster  than us in two years. We are building more 20 million  startups and entrepreneurs by next two years.

Sequoia investmented second time in a week with Meesho, earlier Sequoia invested in FreeCharge whose Co-founder is Kunal Shah.  Meesho have shown their excellence in funding round Series A last year, they  presented Meesho as one of the best contribution platform said Mukul  Arora.

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