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Meet Sweatcoin- an app that pays you for every step you take

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Exercising is good for health. We all know that. But, with the busy lives that we all live, we end up ignoring this very important aspect of our lives. Now, what if a person pays you for every step you take? Won’t you now want to ditch that taxi you take to the shortest of the distances and actually put your legs to some work and make some money? I know, most of us have always wanted this scenario to become true. Well, thanks to Sweatcoin, an app that converts your steps into a currency, this dream scenario has actually come true.

Currently only available to iOS users in the United States and United Kingdom, the app converts the users movement into a digital currency that they can then spend on real life goods, services and experiences. For every 1,000 steps a user takes, they earn 0.95 SWC or Sweatcoin. These Sweatcoins can then be exchanged for real-life products or services through the in-app store.

The offerings on the in-app store includes standing desks, yoga classes, surf suits, high-iPhones and Apple Watches etc. There is also an option to donate all the virtual money one has earned to charity. If one looks closely, most of the things being offered on the app are somewhere related to health, meaning Sweatcoin’s main aim is to make people healthy with an incentive of helping them make some money on the side.

So, how does Sweatcoin Work?

1) The app tracks and verifies the user’s steps using their phone’s accelerometers and GPS location.

2) The steps taken are then converted into Sweatcoins at a conversion ratio of 1,000 outdoor steps to 0.95 SWC.

3) The money earned can then be spent in Sweatcoin’s in-app shop section on products and services.

Yes, it is that simple. So, people in living in UK and US, get to work now! The company is currently working on making the app available in rest of the parts of the world.

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