Meet USB Killer- a drive capable of annihilating any modern machine.

Ever heard of USB Killer? If you haven’t, give this article a read. The USB Killer is one interesting device that will catch the attention of every tech enthusiast on the planet.

To begin with, what does the USB Killer exactly do?

Well, once you plug in the USB Killer, it will just completely rip apart your televisions, computers, laptops or any other device having a USB port. In a nutshell, it is a drive that has the power to practically annihilate any modern machine that is there in the market right now.

How does the USB Killer make it happen?

The USB Killer gets its work done as it draws its power from a device and then unloads it right back to the device in a surge mode that ends up completely frying the machine’s hardware.

Though a look at the device makes one correlate it to one of the tools that a villain in a movie would flaunt, but USB Killer’s makers have ensured that the device hasn’t been designed for anything evil. According to them, the device has been conceived with an idea that it could help testing if a machine is vulnerable to surge attacks or not.

The USB Killer has been conceived and developed by a Hong Kong-based hardware security team. This particular risk was first exposed in devices last year, when the team developed a prototype.

Unfortunately, despite the team’s efforts to make people aware of the problem, only a few manufacturers have taken the problem seriously and come up with serious measures. As of date, only tech giant Apple has acknowledged the gravity of the problem and implemented protective methods on all its products against it.

Anyone wanting to land their hands on the USB Killer can order it via’s the group’s official website for 49.95 euro ($56 approximately). Currently out-of-stock, the new stocks are expected to resume from 14-09-2016. But, if you want to ensure that you don’t miss out on your chance this time, you can backorder today to reserve your USB Kill.

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