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Mei uses AI to improve relationships by analyzing text messages

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According to a studies, it has been revealed that most of the recipients always fail to tell the difference between the seriousness and sarcasm to nearly 30 percent of the time.

That is the reason a Harvard graduate, Es Lee with a computer science degree founded Mei, which is a mobile Instant Messaging Startup that works on the machine learning to suss out the conversations.

Mei, launched its beta version in the previous year which is built on the million of messages sourced from the app which is having more than the 100000 users, data from the different set of universities and the dev team two exchanges.

With the help of using the language processing and sophisticated algorthims that take into the account response time, word choice and some of the other factors, Mei builds a psychological profile of your texting partner. Add messages to the picture and Mei can tease out the type of relationship between two people and also their strength of relationship.

Moroever, in general Mei will calculate a compatibility percentage, with scoring people on the basis of five key traits- emotional control, openness,. Agreeableness, extraversion and conscientiousness and breaking each of them into sub scores which include the contrary, respectful, self-focused etc. it also highlights some of the top characteristics which they share in common like the seriousness and proudness.

It is much more than personalized than the feedback of most of the relationships apps which are able to provide in a press stamen Lee said. Some of the AI chatbots like the NTT Resonant’s Oshi el are trained on some of the common answers and questions but Mei has promised to take each of user communications into the count.

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