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Merits and Demerits of Bluetooth 5.0

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The advent of Bluetooth 5.0 in the IoT scene is promising enough to let firms know that their quality of connection and speed would increase manifold. There are multiple advantages for this formidable technology. They are superior to all the previous versions of Bluetooth essentially due to their improvised quality of performance.  Technology giants have consistently put efforts to increase the speed of data transfer and reduce the usage of energy and this has reflected in every successive version of smart products. Bluetooth 5.0 excels in ways that highlight its efficacy in compatible features.

The following are the set of advantages that Bluetooth 5.0 offers and the disadvantages it suffers,

 Efficiency in power and performance:

Power drain is very common in devices that utilize the prowess of technology and the challenge of overcoming this issue is demanding in every way.  The availability of robust features would only add up to the burden and would only cause power drain. However, Bluetooth 5.0 should be able to match the performance of its previous version 4.2.

The data transfer rate of this version of Bluetooth has increased twice to its former version. The amount of information carried is eight times the amount of information carried in the previous version of Bluetooth.

Enhanced range:

The range coverage of Bluetooth 5.0 will be more than its previous version, which reportedly covered a range of 33ft. The new version will quadruple the range of its former version.

Installment of beacon devices to boost connectivity:

The espousal of beacon devices could relatively reduce the chances of poor connection. The wireless beacon devices installed into the Bluetooth 5 consistently transmit radio waves and help in enhancing the connection and stabilizing it.

The surge in Advertising packets:

The pairing action that takes place before connecting two devices has now become more reliable, strong, stable, and fast due to the increased number of advertising packets.  These advertising packets tend to ask for the name of a device before pairing it and hence boost the reliability quotient.

Improved IoT platforms:

Improved speed, connectivity and more salient features have helped boost the IoT platform.  The flexibility in range would enhance the IoT solutions and would aid not only specific buildings to access connectivity but also help the whole industry or factory and the full office surrounding get connectivity. 

Omnipresent Connectivity:

The interference of other wireless devices in the same area disrupts the stability of connectivity and subsequently furnishes poor connection. This will no longer exist in the case of Bluetooth 5, as multiple devices can co-exist in the same workspace and the connectivity would remain strong in the complex Global IoT environment. This technology equals the install base of Bluetooth technology with over ten billion devices.

The improvement in location awareness:

 Each cell tower’s location is fixed and has known set of coordinates, that are accurate. This feature in Bluetooth 5 offers details that are more specific and furnishes users personalized experiences. A device will not be stationary and will have its Bluetooth feature roam along with it. This will help in enhancing the precision of location.

Dual audio streaming:

Wireless connectivity is a common notion shared amongst the improved version of Bluetooth. The latest technology is no exception as it excels in wireless connectivity just like its previous versions. However, this time it has leveled its game up a notch. In the previous versions of Bluetooth, it was possible to connect your device with a wireless headphone and now you can connect two wireless headphones simultaneously to the same device. Dual streaming is also possible as you can enjoy listening to two different audio sources in two different audio devices at the same time.

The requirement of Bluetooth 5 enabled peripherals:

A Bluetooth 5 enabled phone will only work better with peripherals that are technologically compatible to it. It is of no use to upgrade to a newer version of Bluetooth enabled phone, if your accessories are still old school. Although you can use those peripherals due to Bluetooth’s backward compatibility, it is still a question of utilizing its complete potential. A chipset that claims Bluetooth 5 specification may not support long range and high speed, as they are optional features.

Power drain- a potential threat:

Prolonged usage of any technology infused product drains energy and a device with technologically advanced features could be a threat to the energy usage. The incorporation of Bluetooth 5 could reportedly match the efficiency in power of its previous versions. However,  there is no improved power efficiency.

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