Meta enables community chats to boost engagement

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Meta enables community chats to boost engagement

Meta Enables Community Chats!

With social media giants, innovations and improvements to our online spaces seems like a given at this point! New features and ways to engage are a part of their mantras, and are what allow them to grow and expand. 


Meta is surely one of the companies that comes to one’s mind when you think of meaningful and insightful improvements to a near-perfect user experience. Every new change or service the company offers has led to new ways in improving user engagement, while delivering value to brands and individuals alike. 

Take for example, the new Community Chat feature that it announced in a limited rollout. As a prequel to a larger, phased rollout, it is aimed at creating a seamless experience across your Groups and Messenger tabs. Essentially integrating them, the feature brings many new ways to engage with friends, customers, fans or communities. 

Community Chats could take engagement with brands or products to a whole new level, allowing consumers on Meta to get more value out of their online experience.

Wondering how?

Let’s dive into a few new ways to engage with audiences, made possible by Community Chats. 

  1. Admins:

While Groups come with many features allowing more control to admins, Messenger may not have been the best place for meaningful engagement and respectful discourse. 

Community Chats aims to bridge the gap between the two, allowing a platform in which users can engage with shared interests with trusted admins moderating individual conversations. 

An admin would therefore be able to ensure and enforce decorum and safety measures, decreasing malpractices or trolling. Furthermore, it would essentially prevent abusive or foul language, with established rules of censorship in place.

Coupled with a smart AI that provides suggested topics, the admin could also group topics into sub-categories. Imagine a separate section for tips and tricks with new products, or a section for players to discuss strategies for a video game, or community events for local artists! 

  • Paid Subgroups:

The ability to create moderated sub-groups comes with another advantage. It can help drive subscriptions to paid promotions that offer benefits to a brand’s consumers, or to enable creators to provide exclusive content to loyal audiences. 

This can be an innovative method of raising engagement through Meta, a benefit that is applied to the consumer, creator and platform in equal measure. Those benefits can extend to the real world in the form of discounted products, or exclusive, offline events!

Imagine a platform for products that consolidates, reviews, user tips and tricks, discussions on additional features and even user-centric forums! This is sure to improve the experience for both buyers and sellers, bringing a sense of community to product ownership that has not been tried until now. 

That spells out great news for artists, creators, brands, influencers and anyone else on the platform, and can help drive traffic even further!

  • Merged Platforms:

By merging both Groups and Messenger, Community Chats has enabled Meta to place its services at a sweet spot for both safety and functionality! 

The platform essentially extends the benefit of both apps to a wide audience, making it a perfect tool for driving engagement meaningfully and productively. By consolidating a wide but currently divided feature set, Community Chat can create new avenues for growth, while also helping deliver a more seamless, unified experience to Meta’s users. 

By facilitating engagement in new ways, it can be very beneficial to content creators, allowing them to reach out directly to a wider audience. It also allows them to engage with them in ways that are more meaningful, and drive growth organically. 

What’s more, all of this can be achieved from a single platform, reducing the need to manage multiple Messenger threads, or to respond to users in comments as opposed to a more direct approach. 

Think about the value a unified platform can bring to thriving businesses and brands! With a place for customers to engage with products, access to live messaging services that can assist them, and access to offers and dedicated communities, engagement was never this easy!

Efficient Engagement:

Community Chats, if used correctly, stands to create a lot of scope for engagement with wide audiences. It can help with many pain points across individual applications, while simultaneously combining their best features with a one-stop solution.

For brands, this could mean improved service as well as engagement. For Meta, it could potentially improve traffic to the platform, allowing the company to continue providing its services lucratively. 

Community Chats is sure to improve profitability for all of its stakeholders, while giving its users a new and improved way by which they can engage with the things that interest them. It could act as an all-round solution to issues that Messenger and Groups currently face, while charting a new course for online engagement using Meta. 

With its focus on function, its potential for creativity is endless, and exciting!

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