Meta To Create AI To Speak And Text As Humans

Meta To Create AI To Speak And Text As Humans 1

Facebook, a parent company of Meta, announced that they are launching a long-term research project to build a next-generation artificial intelligence that can learn, speak, and text in the same way the human brain does. Meta explained its efforts in creating a human-level AI.

Meta is partnering with a neuroimaging company, NeuroSpin, which designed the human brain, and with the help of a software company Inria, it finishes the further study on how the human brain processes speech and texts and then compares that with AI language models.

NeuroSpin is a research center that is based on the brain imaging concept. The list of researchers includes- physicists, mathematicians, neuroscientists, and doctors who work to build tools to attain high level of knowledge of the human brain in various ways.

NeuroSpin focused on neuroimaging; the research conducted ranges from technological and methodological developments (data acquisition and processing) to preclinical and clinical neuroscience, including cognitive neuroscience.

Meta Published

Meta mentioned, today, we’re announcing a long-term AI research initiative to better acknowledge how the human brain processes speech and text. In association with neuroimaging center Neurospin (CEA) and Inria, we’re contrasting how AI language models and the brain respond to spoken or written sentences.

As per the report which has been revealed, “We will also utilize the insights from this project to guide the development of Artificial Intelligence that processes both the text and speech as competently as people.”

The major challenge with the Artificial Intelligence language models is that they ask for a lot of instances in order to attain knowledge. In comparison with human brains, they need only a few examples to learn.

The announcement quoted current research into modeling AI on human brain activity that used MRIs and other imaging tools to track human brain activity when humans accomplish various language-related tasks.

The significance of the above research is to highlight how the brain processes data.

The Meta’s research teams made thousands of scans of the human brain to visualize which regions of the brain got activated during tasks.

This research part of it also unveiled the “computational organization of the human brain,” which yielded some of the major insights useful for Meta’s goal of developing “human-level Artificial Intelligence.”

The importance isn’t restricted to generating human-level AI; the research also enables neuroscientists to better understand the human brain.

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