Meta will not permit ‘publicly available’ anymore

Meta will not permit 'publicly available' anymore 1

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is redrafting its rules and regulations and will prohibit its users from posting private residential information if publicly available. The development sits behind the Oversight Board’s recommendation to remove an exception that authorized Meta users to share with some of the individual’s who is going to have a residential address as long as it is available to public. The social networking giant is examining a new way to report privacy contraventions. The revised version will be implemented by the end of the year.

The Meta mentioned – as the board notes in this recommendation, removing the exception for ‘publicly available’ private residential information may restrict the availability of this information on Facebook and Instagram when it is still publicly available elsewhere.

The company most of the time used to grant that implementing this advocacy can reinforce privacy protections on our platforms. We will fully implement this advocacy, as well as the board’s guidance that we permit the sharing of imagery that displays the external view of private residences in some of the various circumstances, but not when there is a context of organizing protests against the resident, the company revealed in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Facebook parent is keeping an eye on the finance department, and it is building a digital currency that is named “Zuck Bucks”. Zuck Bucks would be a virtual currency for the Metaverse. Apart from the fact that Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Diem subsided after facing several hindrances from regulators.

Zuck Bucks seems to be named after the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This currency won’t be a cryptocurrency based on blockchain but will be an in-app token that will be centrally controlled by the Meta Group, as revealed by the Financial Times.

Written by Udit

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