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MeTripping plans to ease the trips and holidays

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While taking about travel and fun, people often follow the world to explore the best after savings and hence, Bengaluru-based MeTripping allows an individual to do the same with more fun and enjoy the cherishing moments.

Earlier the concept of travelling for a bit more difficult for the common people, visiting certainly high number of websites, cracking the deals and finally booking the spot. This was hectic, yet, was essential to get the complete information regarding the travel and safety with the pocket issues and even good food availability areas with family vacations and travel.

Thus, MeTripping brings a solution to the many and caters to the needs of the public while looking after their destinations and travel’s comfort.

The startup focused to launch a travel search engine for the public in a revolutionary manner that could aid the customers to go with quick, easy plans on the run. This helps the users figure out any issues related to flight bookings, destinations, hotels, and other activities that could be included as the pocket-friendly travels on their chosen travel dates and time.

The startup was initially founded back in March 2016 by Varun Gupta and utilises artificial intelligence (AI) search engine to look after the recommendations for every customers’ requirements that questions about the stay, destinations or travel.

The team comprises of 10 members in total with technologists and data scientists also, who shoulder the company by making the perfect travel decisions updates likewise with just the scan of billions of data points.

The platform was initiated to take over the Indian travel series of customers, yet, aims to target the worldwide audience on its platform. MeTripping is also setting its focus towards the advertisement sector and making money with the sale of leads from numerous travel agents.

Ritika Pandey
Startup/Tech News Correspondent, Features exclusive interviews with startups working on IOT, AI, ML, Cloud, Mobile Technologies, Holds the Bachelor of Asian Academy of Film & Television, ritika can be reached at [email protected]

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