‘Mia’ – An AI to help parents find a career for their children

'Mia' - An AI to help parents find a career for their children 1

As we all know that nowadays parents are worried about their child career. And there are lots of questions which comes in the mind of parents for the child career, and this sometimes leads to the parents and the children going to counselors to identify the problems and end up with a huge bill.

Parentof Solutions Pvt Ltd, which is startup which is founded in 2015 by the Manohar Chikkanna and Dhanjay Prabhu and having based out of Bangalore, claims that it has the answers for all that of the parental questions.

“We are building the world’s first decision sciences technology based on artificial intelligence that will resolve almost all parenting issues,” Madhavan told TechCircle in an interview.

“This not only shows the market potential but also the importance we attach to raising a child,” he explained.

Madhavan earlier co-founded a company which is Quantam Leap which provides the specialized learning solutions for the big scale enterprises.

Madhavan and his entire team started with the idea of building an AI-enabled assistant who is more like a Siri for parents. For that, they have developed an algorithm model to collect data and form a  strategy on how to make the proper and actual recommendations.

“Because we had to teach the AI to think more like a counselor first, we started by collecting data from them in the form of questionnaires. Primarily, we asked what questions were they likely to ask if they received different complaints from parents around their child’s behavior,” Madhavan said, adding that they also started meeting parents to understand what real-life problems they were facing and what questions they were likely to ask the counselor.

Moreover, they needed to be very much sure about the recommendations which are being provided by the chatbots, and they have named it as ‘Mai.’ For which they collaborated with the Neuro Sciences and National Institute of Mental Health to test the AI models.

“Nimhans’ head of research and development, Dr. Shoba Managoli, and her team ran simulations along with us for the next six months, after which we were certified by the hospital,” Madhavan said.

“This is when we realised that our AI engine, which curates and analyses data and recommends actions, was baseline ready and that’s why we called it the ARC (analysis, recommendation and curation) engine,” he said.

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