Microchip Launches ECC608 TrustMANAGER to Fortify IoT Security

Microchip Technology Inc. has launched ECC608 TrustMANAGER, a new product enhancing IoT security. It creates secure and easy-to-manage IoT networks.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Microchip Launches ECC608 TrustMANAGER to Fortify IoT Security

A new IoT security strengthening product has come up from the house of Microchip Technology Inc. It is named ECC608 TrustMANAGER and aims to make IoT devices safer from cyber threats. It helps in creating secure and easy-to-manage IoT networks. It allows devices to have special security features added.


One noteworthy aspect of is is the keySTREAM service by Kudelski IoT, which basically helps in managing security keys as well as certificates for devices. Hence, the devices is updated regularly with the latest security standards and rules as well.

According to Microchip’s Nuri Dagdeviren, the Kudelski collaboration will make managing and updating IoT systems easily. Hardy Schmidbauer from Kudelski IoT added that a new standard for IoT security is being set.

It is important here to know that the ECC608 TrustMANAGER meet security standards for IoT devices as well as make things easier for companies which are selling such devices. The product is currently priced at $0.75 for a single unit and the minimum order being accepted is 10,000 units. Moreover, an additional fee will be charged for activation after the first connection.

Microchip Technology is based in Chandler, Arizona. It is best known for providing tools and products to help businesses create new technology that is faster as well as safer.

It is believed the new ECC608 TrustMANAGER is a significant step in addressing security issues of IoT devices. It simultaneously ensures that the devices can also be managed and updated securely to protect against new threats.

Microchip is showing its dedication to innovation and security with the new product launch. It currently has a market value of $48.49 billion.

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