Microsoft and GitHub come together for providing best to developers

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World’s biggest technology company have obtained world’s leading software development company GitHub. We are going to tell all benefits of this acquisition to every industry and developers.

The world is getting more into technology and computing stuff.  Our everyday life is functioning with technical support. Even the society and economy is being handed through clever cloud. The era is of brilliant edge which manages our work too.

The world’s code is being written by developers and they are the builders of this era. GitHub is the birth giver of such developers.

Every industry either medicine or agriculture, may be if it’s customized education or customized banking is having the impact of technology, developers are growing in numbers as well as popular. Workflow of developers will affect the business and their process to all organisations- to IT and HR, from marketing and sales. The growth and value of any industry  will be dependent on developers choice.

This is the reason why we are excited do much to tell you about this acquisition. There are approx 28 million developers who already joined GitHub and shelter of 85 million code repositories which is used by every country around the globe. It doesn’t matter to GitHub whether it’s a big corporation or just a startup developers get shelter over here. They learn how to work efficiently and share to create finest software. GitHub has more than 2 million updates and projects.

Microsoft is very developer-focused since its first product we made platforms and tools for today. Inventing technology so that others can make there own is the mission of Microsoft. Every person and every organisation on this globe should use our products as core for their products.

Microsoft is dedicated to give best to the world’s leading professionals to IT professionals and even gamers. The believe that communities can get best with the help of Microsoft what the members couldn’t achieve by their own. Microsoft is active for all Open source.

Microsoft and GitHub set three aims clearly for the developers around the world.

  • Firstly, to empower developers at every single opportunity of development from generating idea to collaboration to implementation to the cloud. GitHub will always be open to everyone, so that any developer can come join and grow.
  • Secondly, GitHub will increase the enterprises developers to grow by using Microsoft cloud.
  • Lastly, Microsoft tools and services will be available for new group also.

The imperative part of this agreement  is to realise the responsibilities to reform the developers mind. This acquisition will always have space for developers feedback.

In next few months this acquisition will close and the CEO of GitHub Mr. Nat Friedman and founder of Xamarin who will still reporting to Microsoft cloud and AI Group executive vice president Scott Guthrie. Chris Wanstrath the CEO and Co founder of GitHub will report Microsoft as well as Scott.



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