Microsoft Azure with 12TB Virtual Memory


Microsoft is going to launch Azure virtual machines that will have ultra-high memory capacities as much as 12TB of memory, a move that can bring a lot of developers to their platform. Their main motive is to attract as many developers as they can. This growth of Microsoft will contribute to the company’s credibility but Azure is going be the top chief among all the other factors.

There was a massive growth recently of Microsoft which set to become world’s third most valuable company with a value $749 billion in the share market.

Microsoft’s recent growth is likely a result of their increased emphasis on non-windows services. One of those services is Azure, the company’s cloud computing platform. Azure lets developers to build and test these applications having varying complexity through the use of virtual machines, but it is not the best option for apps having high memory demands. As per the reports Microsoft will also offer a virtual memory of up to 192 GB of memory in the future.

Making speed the priority, it’s not easy to afford to buy Microsoft’s “premium SSDs,” therefore the company will also be offering virtual tools such as cloud computing with “Standard SSDs.” These  SSDs are slightly slower in terms of speed, but is affordable and a good alternative to Microsoft’s premium SSDs.

It has not been reported when these virtual machines will be launching for it’s Azure customers or how much are these computing tools are going to cost but as per Reports we will learn about them in the coming few weeks.

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