Microsoft browser to have free inbuilt VPN

By Srikanth
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As of now, in the market, Microsoft has a data limit of 1GB per month for its free VPN services.


Microsoft has revealed that it is working on including a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in its Edge browser. As per Microsoft resources, a Cloudflare-powered VPN service named ‘Edge Secure Network’ is being piloted and will be introduced to the public as part of a security upgrade. The motive of the same is to bring security and privacy.

As per the Engadget research, the characteristics will encrypt the internet connection, and its functionality could safeguard the users’ data from the internet service provider.

The end users merely used to have a virtual IP address to stow away their location and browse the internet. Verge mentioned that users could also access content obstructed on platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

As per a statement from Microsoft, data is paired from Edge with the help of an encrypted subway to make a secure connection while using the Microsoft Edge Secure network, even when using a non-secure URL that begins with HTTP. Hackers will have a harder time accessing browsing data on a shared public Wi-Fi network, as a conclusion.

Users must create a Microsoft account to avail themselves of the benefits of the monthly data limit of 1GB for its free VPN services.

Verge stated that Cloudflare would support distinctive information from the service, and Microsoft would sell that data every 25 hours.

The company did not disclose the date of release of this feature. The sources have also made an estimation to roll out soon to one of the Microsoft Edge Insider channels. Once the feature is out, users will be able to switch on the VPN using the ‘Secure Network’ option.

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