Microsoft developing managed service for Windows 10


Microsoft Corp. is constantly working to develop a new system to monetize Windows 10 in the area of enterprise.

Mary Jo Foley who is a Microsoft watcher and helped in breaking many top stories related to company for few past decades. In a report by ZDNet which was published few days back, Foley as a insider source said that this huge technology is developing a managed service which will help to make Windows 10 devices that will be there for enterprises just as monthly subscription.

It is still not clear that what kind of devices are going to be up for this offer. Microsoft will eventually make there priority list of its Surface line kind of computers, this line is expecting to indulge different machines in there offer, this will always be the central role of hardware partners in the Window 10 devices.

If you say what tipsters think “The already managed devices will supervision by automatically for all customers. In case if Autopilot, which is already Microsoft’s automated provisioning centre, have any kind of indication, this offering will make companies to create more customize Windows 10 images which come with along with new kind of work applications that are pre- installed. Autopilots are also allowing enterprises to have new machines which are connected to internet based devices which is a management tool for registration.

Microsoft will get all over task of inculcating into Windows 10 updates for all the customers. Making patches is pain point at certain time while into enterprises as because there is a huge amount of work which is involved in just to refresh the whole company’s valuable devices. To eradicate the manual work, they are managing in the Windows 10 service that will not only free  person hours but it will also lower the risk of technical fault.

This time the work on offering is mentored by the Microsoft Executive Bill Karagounis. Bill Kragounis is the former head of the Microsoft’s Window Insider which is into testing of beta program, who get the chance to join Enterprise Mobility and Management team in the pervious year.

Foley added that “The recent job postings is giving hint that the services will help to increase the market value of Microsoft Managed Desktop. It has the whole potential to compete with other offering that are already present in market.”


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