Microsoft Introduces ‘Build with AI’ to Support Startup AI Development

By Sunil Sonkar
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Microsoft Introduces 'Build with AI' to Support Startup AI Development

Microsoft is making a significant move to support AI startups with its just introduced ‘Build with AI’ initiative that is part of the broader Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. Startups are to get help for rapid AI development.


The ‘Build with AI’ initiative provides flexible templates and startups can use it in creating as well as launching AI-driven applications. The templates are user-friendly and offers complete guide on how to integrate advanced AI functionalities. Founders will find connecting ChatGPT to their app’s data using Python or JavaScript simply and easy. The templates make the process simple and make sophisticated AI technology more accessible.

‘Build with AI’ also is equipped with a dedicated AI assistant within the Founders Hub. The assistant is available at every stage of the startup journey. It provides real-time support and answers questions. The support is important for early-stage startups.

The Founders Hub is a comprehensive program under the Microsoft for Startups platform. It is basically aimed at providing the necessary resources for startups to thrive. It is equipped with free access to generative AI models and expert guidance. New startups can sign up for the Founders Hub to gain access to technology, tools and required resources.

The ‘Build with AI’ is believed to be a game-changer for startups which are looking to utilize the power of AI. Microsoft is gradually building up such an environment where innovation can flourish. The initiative of course accelerates development process and simultaneously ensures that the startups have the time as well as resources to focus on what truly matters to them.

Microsoft is well committed to support the startups and its ‘Build with AI’ initiative highlights the importance of collaboration and innovation. It will surely shape the future of technology as well as business.

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