Microsoft Introduces Professional Certificate on Generative AI for Free Learning

By Srikanth
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Microsoft Introduces Professional Certificate on Generative AI for Free Learning 1

Microsoft has collaborated with LinkedIn and, hand in hand, introduced a fresh initiative called the AI Skill Initiative under its Skills for Jobs program. This launch aims to enhance the comprehension of artificial intelligence (AI). This is also helpful in facilitating free introductory courses on generative AI.


This initiative will equip individuals with AI knowledge and promote responsible AI practices. After finishing with the chores, participants will receive a Career Essentials certificate. This certificate will act as an appealing option for individuals interested in obtaining a professional certification in Generative AI.

The demand for AI talent is growing all over the globe. India has positioned itself as a leader in this ever growing field. The revolutionary demand of AI is the second-largest pool of AI talent globally. India simultaneously excels in the penetration of AI skills and the concentration of AI professionals.

Despite having around 420,000 professionals specializing in AI, machine learning, and big data analytics, there is a gap of 51% between the demand for such talent and its availability in the country.

Recognizing the transformative power of AI and acknowledging the fast-paced nature of information work that is outpacing our capacity to cope. Microsoft has taken an approach towards addressing the related issue. Their campaign focuses on empowering individuals with AI knowledge.

Microsoft asserts that it has facilitated with AI training to approximately 70,000 female students hailing from Tier II and III towns. With the approach the major objective was to narrow the knowledge gap and promote the inclusive adoption of AI.

Gunjan Patel, the Director and Head of Philanthropies at Microsoft India emphasizes over the vital role of AI skills in the training strategies of companies. And if we talk about the range of these skills, they stand at the third highest priority, alongside analytical and creative thinking.

Gunjan also acknowledges the empowering potential of AI for workers and also focused over the requisites of everyone to harness AI effectively. The AI Skills Initiative is envisioned as a significant milestone in this direction. They aim to foster a new era of technological innovation by equipping individuals with the necessary AI skills.

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