Microsoft Is Working On Chatgpt To Challenge Google

Microsoft Is Working On Chatgpt To Challenge Google 1

It has been heard that Microsoft has an objective to enhance the effectiveness of its Bing search engine to compete better with Google. As per the report by Reuters, the corporation is actively collaborating with AI (artificial intelligence) research organizations. OpenAI, to infuse its ChatGPT technology into Bing and will enable the user to get solutions to complicated requests in simple language.

ChatGPT technology has the capability to answer practically all queries in a human-like approach. ChatGPT, which was made publicly available for testing late last year, has sparked a great deal of curiosity among people. Each and every problem that is related to math problems and programming code inspections can be solved by the AI-powered chatbot.

 According to a study made by a team of experts, Microsoft may release and enhance the version of Bing just before the end of March to compete against Alphabet’s Google.

Microsoft also supports OpenAI, and in 2019 Microsoft made the issue of a $1 billion investment offer to the AI research organization. To develop artificial intelligence supercomputing technologies on Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based computing service, the two firms collaborated.

Microsoft also included the technology of OpenAI’s Dall-E in Bing, which allows users to produce images based on straightforward text inputs. For instance, Dall-E may create a caricature of a “cat on the moon wearing a red hat” without utilizing any copied stuff. Like ChatGPT, Dall-E from OpenAI is also powered by AI.

At the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit that was held in Mumbai, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, is now travelling India and testing ChatGPT’s potential in the midst of all of this. During Nadella’s practical demonstration of ChatGPT, Moneycontrol mentioned that his first question addressed “the future of Mumbai.”

After the interconnection between Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT is accomplished, the former will be able to facilitate people with clear English responses to their inquiries instantly. OpenAI primarily needs to address the requirement of ChatGPT’s existing problems. For instance, ChatGPT is only aware of worldwide events that took place before 2021.

Google is far better at replying to customer queries depending on recently published content.

The Alphabet-owned search engine has a record of misleading customers and frequently providing confusing results to users. On the basis of the sources of last year, Google management has directed its researchers to develop a system based on artificial intelligence that is close to ChatGPT and has classified it as “code red.” Google is also improved by the team of management to make it smarter and simpler to use.

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