Microsoft new gaming device powered by Azure

Microsoft new gaming device powered by Azure 1

Microsoft Corp. is developing new game service to give the experience  of XBox –  quality gaming in every type of devices bythe help of Azure cloud configuration. This is going to generation’s best achievement and experience to get such high-quality protected gaming device by Microsoft.

This imperative announcement was made by one the most esteem position holder Mr. Phil Spencer the Executive director of Gaming at Microsoft in Los Angeles at the most popular spot the Electronic Entertainment Expo where Phil Spencer was insisted to shared few more detailed  information about the upcoming sensational gaming heartbroken form of best game device.

“This announcement was made on Sunday  that our Azure cloud team is developing a new gaming device to console all quality gaming on any regular system without interruption so that user can get fantastic experience of XBox, on your phone even on PC”said Spencer.

There are lot of hurdles in the development of this game streaming device that are Azure cloud team is facing but we are making sure to get best end result by clearing all these small problems. Our Azure Media  Services team is very well efficient in over coming such problems. Azure have dedicated team who works with outside developers and XBox had launched its game service in March this year with the help of Azure cloud services.

Microsoft is not only the company who is working regularly in the area of gaming service. In February Google also claimed  that they are developing game streaming service which had the the mane ‘Yeti’. As the name suggest itself, it has never been claimed  officially but it is claimed as game platform as like Sony Corp., Play Stations and Nvidia Corp.’s George. Now allowing all the users  to avail the titles given.

This concept of gaming is not at all new many Innovations had already done but the scuffle that  had been always sticked in the past. The first attempt to this concept was made by OnLive in the year 2007. Microsoft had always the advantage of selling on their own name and XBox always had adequate tittles to get into once the device launched.

The consumption of music and video services seems unreal about tens years ago but today the whole market is dominated by music and video streaming only in major part. And if we talk about gaming streaming there’s  no way to not head the market.


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