Microsoft to open Cortana virtual assistant to third-party devices and apps

Microsoft to open Cortana virtual assistant

The new business strategy is about releasing everything to everyone so that there is no private technology as such but yet, there is some kind of copyright that ensures business runs smoothly with good revenue. So, if a new technology has arrived at the market, it will now be allowed to be shared by others only with a copyright notice. Such is the case with Microsoft’s Cortana which is now opening up to accept third-party devices and developers.

The news that came through

Cortana has been a remarkable innovation that allows Microsoft to push into the market steadily as a big player in the artificial intelligence market. It is already announced that it will arrive at some IoT devices via the coming update for the latest Windows 10. The SDK of Skills Kit and Devices corresponding to Cortana has amazing similarities to Alexa of Amazon which has prompted Cortana to expand its horizons.

Microsoft to open Cortana virtual assistant

Why reaching out?

The Skills kit of Cortana provides developers ample scope to create and renovate app experiences in sync with Cortana through voice commands. The SDK of devices on the other hand ensures assistance to third party hardware to mould gadgets in favour of Cortana operations so you would not require a display as such as long as there is scope of voice command. This is surely a remarkable development in technology which expands the scope of IoT to a different level altogether.

On the way to release

The most important thing about Cortana is that it is not yet ready to release to everyone but are testing the waters using the big players. This means that they clearly have a plan since they have released the software to enterprises such as Capital One and TalkLocal who consistently use voice commands by users to search for things of daily necessity and beyond.  In case of hardware, Microsoft has increased its hand towards cars where voice recognized commands is going to be very important in the near future.

Edging ahead in the market

While all these may seem in competition with Amazon, there is one aspect where Microsoft is showing signs of putting its nose in front and that is its experience with OEM software. The device SDK of the new Cortana is being rolled out on a first-come-first-served basis. So, it is expected that by the next year, Microsoft will put Amazon to test with its new device of innovation.


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