Microsoft Phone Link for iOS With iMessage, Calling Support

Microsoft Phone Link for iOS With iMessage, Calling Support 1

Microsoft has finally made the launch of one of the much-awaited Phone Link for iOS to Windows 11 users. The feature is currently available for Android users and grants them the permission to connect with their smartphones to their PC. With this launch of this latest feature, the iPhone owners who have a PC running on Windows 11 can link their phones to their computers. The iOS version supports basic functionality that is inclusive of calls, messages, and access to contacts. It also supports the iCloud Photos integration to the Windows Photos application this allows the users to see photos from their iPhones on their PC.

Previously, the company made the introduction of Photos Link app for Windows 11 last month. Microsoft also made the reveal about the new feature which is going to get available in 39 languages across 85 countries. The Phone Link for iOS app offers support for the phone calls, transmitting the messages via iMessage, access to contacts, and phone notifications on a Windows 11 PC.

However, the new iPhone integration doesn’t support image and video sharing or Group messaging as messaging feature is limited to iOS only. It is remarkable that the Phone Link app offers deeper integration with Android phones and also allows users to “stream” some apps and control them via the desktop screen.

The Phone Link app for iOS gets connected to the iPhone via Wi-Fi, a mobile data network, or an instant hotspot. The feature is not available for iPad. Microsoft primarily communicated about bringing the Phone Link app for iOS in April.

As per the details of Microsoft, Phone Link for iOS is only supported on iPhone models. For the usability of this feature, the user must have a PC with Windows 11 and Bluetooth connectivity enabled. The Phone Link app can be downloaded from the App Store. Once the Phone Link app is installed, users can click the Start button and search for the Phone Link app on their Windows 11 PC. While doing the setup of the Phone Link app, remember to select iOS and sign in to the same Microsoft account on both your phone and your PC. After accomplishment of installation, the users can scan the QR code displayed on the PC and both devices will be linked, allowing you to access your iPhone via your Windows 11 PC.

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