Microsoft President Says Deepfakes Are Biggest Concern around AI

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Microsoft President Says Deepfakes Are Biggest Concern around AI 1

Microsoft’s President Brad Smith made the huge announcement about his biggest concern of the artificial intelligence which was a false content.

Washington had an objective to address the issue regarding how to regulate AI. This task went from wonky to widespread with the arrival of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Smith ensured that people are aware about the trick behind finding the fact that is the photo or video is real and when it is generated by AI.

Brad Smith mentioned that the entire team of Microsoft is going to address the issues around deep fakes. They are also going to look into the particular way about most foreign cyber influence operations that are generally the kinds of activities that are already taking place by the Russian government.


Microsoft needs to take steps for the safety measure against the alteration of legitimate content with intent to deceive or defraud people through the use of AI.

Licensing for the most critical forms of AI with obligations to protect the security, physical security, cybersecurity, and national security is also planned.

He also said that the company has a requirement of a new generation of export controls, at least the evolution of the export controls. This would be helpful in ensuring the models that are not stolen or not used in ways that would violate the country’s export control requisites.

It has been detected that last week, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, ChatGPT primarily appeared before Congress about the usability of AI interfering with election integrity is a significant area of concern.

Smith also marked his words by saying that people needed to be held accountable for any problems which are caused by AI. Smith asked for the safety brakes to be put on AI used to control the electric grid, water supply and other critical infrastructure to keep the things in human’s control.

“Know Your Customer” is the approach or we can say the style system for developers of powerful AI models to keep tabs on how their technology is used. This can also be helpful in informing the public of what content AI is creating so they can identify faked videos.

Some proposals would focus on AI that may put people’s lives or livelihoods at risk.

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