Microsoft pushes for increased cloud services adoption in Asia

Today, Microsoft has the expectation to drive the transformation digitally of a number of enterprises within Asia on its platform for the purpose of cloud computing. It will be backed by its very own expanding network of various centres of data that are found throughout the region. The efforts made by the software giant today represent the great competition between the great players of the cloud services industry in the world. The main aim is to create a great and extensive infrastructure for the users of Microsoft all around the world.

Working with Advantage

Microsoft has a number of advantages in this respect. The conglomerate has more data centres all around the world than any of their competitors including Alibaba Cloud, Amazon web services and Google. It has also made great investments in this regard. The company has invested almost eighteen billion US dollars till the present date towards the establishment of around thirty eight data centres all over the world. It has two good facilities running in Seoul and Bussan in South Korea. These facilities opened as recently as February and are considered to be the latest additions made by the company in Asia.Microsoft pushes for increased cloud services adoption in Asia

These data centres also provide ideal environments for working. These are very secure and the temperature is always controlled at these facilities. Hence, a large quantity of data is stored remotely here. The centres also work towards managing certain business applications as well as hosting a few operations that are based on cloud computing. The services have also reached great heights in China. Today Microsoft is very dedicated in its task and is building their platform as well as various technologies so that various companies can now undergo a digital transformation with the help of the intelligent cloud services that it provides.

Priorities Made by the Company

The digital transformation helps different enterprises to adapt to the various digital competencies that help in creating new models for business as well as services and products. Research has been conducted in this field and it shows that almost sixty percent of all the best companies within the Asia Pacific region will have undergone a digital transformation by the end of the year. A great number of companies in Hong Kong make use of Azure which is a cloud platform launched by Microsoft in order to test, build, deploy as well as manage the various applications necessary for the business.

Nowadays, more and more companies across Asia including China, Korea and Japan are making use of Azure in order to develop games as well as run these games. As a result, Microsoft posted a growth in revenues by almost eleven percent from the cloud services. There was also a rise of almost ninety seven percent in business from Azure.

Consolidating the Market

Microsoft believes that the current market will be able to consolidate around four of the primary vendors in the present market including Google cloud platform, Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and the Alibaba cloud. Together, Alibaba, Microsoft and Google own the Post and also have the ability to build a data centre footprint globally. They can also research and then develop some resources for creating premium services and technical knowledge.

It can help in attracting various enterprises as well as developers working independently. IBM is considered to be one of the largest providers of services in the market. But it still remains behind in the fourth position in the cloud market. However, it operates almost sixty data centres throughout the world according to one recent report. The services will also allow the companies in leasing or buying some software.

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