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Microsoft Rounds Out Its IoT Offerings with IoT-as-a-Service

From the current week, there are more possibilities for enterprises and businesses who wish to implement the internet of things in to their own workplaces. Now, a new method of doing so is available from Microsoft. Microsoft has a new internet of things central offers wing. This enterprise is responsible for handling all services related to the internet of things.

These services help to streamline the deployment of all networks related to the internet of things. It also provides some services which help to maintain the networks for the time period that the enterprise continues to be a subscriber. The central dealing with the internet of things tackles all obstacles related to the internet of things for the last two years. It helps to recruit some experts, develop and run the initiatives related to the internet of things.

Building on the Foundation of the Internet of Things

For Microsoft this is not the first step in this direction. Microsoft also offers a platform in the form of service. It is available on Azure and is known as Azure internet of things suite. It is meant for making a platform for the enterprise to grow on. The Azure internet of things hub is also owned by Microsoft.

It is a platform for communication that enables millions of different devices to communicate and talk with each other. It is done through the usage of other communication protocols of the internet of things which are already present. The focus of the service is on the development of the application.Microsoft Rounds Out Its IoT Offerings with IoT-as-a-Service

Main motive behind the venture

The main motive behind the venture is to have the ability to use all the different solutions which are offered by Microsoft as a part of the internet of things in order to make a more agile presence on the internet of things that can be customized according to requirement. Moreover, the presence should also be able to respond to the needs of the business as and when these needs emerge.

The service will soon be available with some of the existing service solutions in the form of platforms. It will be able to provide full control and can be customized completely. Microsoft will also continue to develop the suite by investing on it. It also has plans for the future of this suite.

It will also introduce a number of new configurations for the suite as part of its development plan. It will bring a brand new offering for pre-configuration within the suite. This new offering will help to increase the speed of the entire process of moving industries as well as the manufacturing businesses. The release of the Time series insights by Azure has also been announced recently.

It will be released simultaneously with the central release. It is a database that is fully managed and can offer storage, analytics and visualization services. These services will be able to provide much help for the enterprises to keep a track on all that is happening around the deployment of the internet of things.

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