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Microsoft Teams is coming under Government Community Cloud

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The running government soon will be joining hands with Microsoft Teams at the office of company 365 Government Community Cloud. The software along with service which are giving solutions to create a chat oriented  work space in such a manner where all employees are free to share their information from Office 365 apps soon. This step is one of the most imperative and much needed to form a secure communication between two bodies of government. With this decision the government has proved their concern for the welfare of public so that both side of communication should be beneficial for each other.

With all the joining of tools such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, through these Microsoft Teams is providing all sort of facilities to the employees  just to share their files according to their will and intention. This will also help the employees to conduction most high- quality video calling and meetings with the help of applications.

Microsoft Teams are able to fulfill the needs of running Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program’s Moderate level, along with Criminal Justice Information Services, IRS 1075 and HIPAA. These will help Federal to implement there kind of communication system among their employees. The one way to use these software for giving solutions for resolving all the problems and tensions related to communication is to give access to each and every employee to these software and applications and to understand that this could be a very useful way to communicate among themselves.

The company will be soon start their enrollment with the Microsoft Teams service and excellence  by the date on July 17 of this year. The company said in their statement that they will be working  so that Microsoft Teams and GCC High and Defense Department Office 365 could come together under one roof to benefit all the parts of government at same time or by simultaneously.

Some other Federal  companies  are making up their mind to get in collaboration platforms, along with the General Services Administration , NASA and with all the Department of State by using their all Slack.

In the month of April, GSA  disseminated a request to all the vendors for asking information about who else is able to build an another enterprise with large collaboration platform that will help to extent their capabilities of being Slack all together.

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