Microsoft to expand data centre investment in Hyderabad

Microsoft to expand data centre investment in Hyderabad 1

Microsoft has plans to expand its Data Centre investment in Hyderabad. The upcoming projects regarding the same have been discussed by Microsoft president, Asia Ahmed Mazhar with Telangana industries and IT minister KT Rama Rao, principal secretary for ITE&C, and industries Jayesh Ranjan at the Microsoft Cafe at Davos.

Prior to this, Telangana signed an MoU with Microsoft that helped the company in enabling several beneficial activities including skilling, internship programs, and cloud adoption. Telangana is working with Microsoft Azure and other companies as well to ensure citizen services have the best infrastructure in terms of the tech stack.

The Minister of Telangana, KT Rama Rao marked a statement by saying that Microsoft and Hyderabad have had a very long-term mutually beneficial relationship. With respect to this, the minister is very happy to learn that Microsoft will expand in Telangana with such huge digital infrastructure projects. They are actively looking forward to seeing Microsoft continue to grow in the state.

Ahmed Mazhari, the president of Microsoft president, Asia, said that Hyderabad is becoming one of the most important marketplaces across the world. Microsoft will continue to invest in the city. The data centre projects will get the deployment in Telangana which is the fully owned Data Centre project in India by Microsoft. Apart from the Data Centre, Microsoft will also work with the government in the identification of special projects and support.

Microsoft has also made the announcement regarding its first captive data centre investment of three campuses early in 2022. While the earlier investment commitment entailed three data centres in Hyderabad, each with an IT capacity of at least 100 MW, they are these days targeting the reach of 6 total data centres in Telangana and would be serving 100 MW of IT load on average. They run on the roadmap to strengthen their cloud infrastructure to serve Azure’s customers in India and worldwide. All 6 Data Centres are expected to be deployed in 10-15 years.

Meanwhile, WebPT is facilitating a robust end-to-end solution. WebPT is supporting outpatient rehabilitation therapy patients and practice management.

The CEO of WebPT, Ashley Glover along with COO Paul Shuga and Founder & CEO of Summit Consulting Services Sandeep Sharma met Telangana minister KTR. WebPT was launched in the year 2008. WebPT is one of the fastest-growing outpatient rehab therapy software platforms in the world. WebPT is considered as one of the most employing workers for nearly 800 people and is helping more than 150,000 members run better, more efficient practices to improve care delivery to patients suffering from a broad range of musculoskeletal issues.

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