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Microsoft and Toyota to collaborate for enhanced connected car experience

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Microsoft has been realizing of late that automated cars will soon become a pervasive reality and connectivity will become the primary issue in automobile industry. Hence, it is trying to make moves in that field quickly to catch up with various technologies of connection. They have picked out Toyota to be their partner in this process with whom they have already collaborated for a separate project.

Previous involvement happened when Toyota used Microsoft’s Azure to ensure a more personal, safer and intuitive driving experience. Toyota’s big data centre has once again reached out to Microsoft for new sets of innovation. With a humongous 1 billion dollar investment in automated driving innovation, the Japanese automobile giant is surely looking to leave its mark on the exodus. It has reportedly invested in AI too during the month of June, 2016.

The now and the future

A modern car contains as many as 100 million lines of code for its complete functioning to say the least. Microsoft can contribute to this growth since they do have the patents for navigation and motion sensors. This is precisely why such collaboration has happened. However, such collaboration is not a unique phenomenon; rather, it is one of the latest ones in the growing association between tech giants and automobile firms.Microsoft and Toyota to collaborate for enhanced connected car experience

There are quite a few examples of such bonding, namely Intel’s cooperation with BMW as well as Mobileye, which became part of BMW later on. Hyundai, on the other hand, considered Google to be the best partner. So, Microsoft has been trying to join the game to see what the final result churns out.

Why Microsoft can excel?

Microsoft has definitely taken time to enter the fray, but they definitely are not lagging behind. In fields like telematics, safety, infotainment and various other systemic innovations, today’s supremely advanced connectivity in cars is all about innovations from Microsoft. While Microsoft agrees that automobile is not its business, it definitely has its business priority.

Hence, such collaborations have emerged where its close contact with automobile firms has brought the company to more customers and help them address the diversity of demands. On the other hand, such association allows licensing of various innovations in collaboration which makes Microsoft a leading player in the market.

An exciting and unpredictable period

It is often said that the period of innovation is surely an exciting one, because no one knows what to expect. Microsoft is dedicated to create the best for years now and they are committed to do the same when it comes to automotive industry. Truly immersive car experiences will emerge through this collaboration, the companies hope.

Given Microsoft’s popularity, soon other companies who have not entered this zone of innovation will want to join hands. In fact, such is the advice from Toyota as they consider Microsoft to be the best possible partner in this business. It is to be seen whether Microsoft can edge ahead in the battle for survival in the technology field and gain new prominence here.

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