Microsoft turning Bing into AI search engine

Microsoft turning Bing into AI search engine

Microsoft have recently joined hands with one of the biggest names in AI chatbot in recent times, ChatGPT to make their own AI powered search Engine. Yes, Microsoft is slowly embracing the change, and is bringing out the New AI generated search engine Bing , also making AI generation platform through its Edge browser.

The reason behind shifting to AI

Microsoft has expressed that, it wanted its people to have seamless joy in getting more in-depth search results.  With the AI help, it will now give more clear answers and also provide a new chat experience where people can give prompts to generate content like ChatGPT. In some of the recent demos shared with many digital platforms it highlighted that when a person is asking for some itinerary for a location, it is giving detailed day to day activities without even giving any link to visit.

If asked, how is it different to ChatGPT, as many have already become pretty loyal to the platform, Microsoft has clarified, that like ChatGPT it is not stuck at 2021 data, but it is getting updated daily, so more recent news and happening related content generation will be on the way.

Microsoft had informed that the new Bing AI search engine and the Edge browser with AI driven technology will be having upgraded features of ChatGPT 3.5 which is hosted by OpenAI.

What to expect in the new Bing and Edge

Let us look into the aspects where the new AI power search engine and browser

Search will be better – The new search engine will give more detailed answers like scores for match and so on . Along with it, will have a sidebar where it will give related answers to the search.

Better Answers – With the new improved AI boost to the search engine, now the reviews and queries will have better answers. Often without landing on any web page people will get complete answers to the queries in search box.

A chat bot to help – This is certainly one of the most sort after improvement through AI power , that people will get to experience. Like the ChatGPT, people can ask questions, prompts and anything. The chat bot is strong, and updated

It can modify and give the answers and prompt as given to it. There will resource links to help you execute it in a better way.

A creative high – There are many a times when we don’t need answers but look for ideas, inspirations. With the help of new Bing AI search engine one can get help related coding, design idea inspirations, tour ideas, give ideas for various templates for emails , and job interviews. The AI machinery is so strong, that with any prompt given to it, it can guide us the way we want it, catering to our requirements. This definitely, will save a lot of time from hunting the right recipe, templates, code related guides from various online resources.

A new Edge experience- The Edge browser has been refreshed with fresh AI capabilities and a modern appearance, along with two new features: Chat and Compose. With the Edge Sidebar, users can request a brief summary of an extensive financial report to obtain the critical insights, and then use the chat function to obtain a comparison with a rival company’s financials, automatically presented in a table. Additionally, Edge can assist in content creation, such as a LinkedIn post, by providing users with several prompts to begin with. Following that, users can ask Edge to refine the post’s tone, structure, and length. Edge can comprehend the webpage being accessed and adjust accordingly.

 Microsoft and OpenAI – Innovating Responsibly in Collaboration

In partnership with OpenAI, we have taken deliberate steps to implement protective measures to counteract harmful content. Microsoft teams are actively working to combat issues such as fake news, content censorship, data security, and preventing the promotion of harmful or discriminatory content, all in accordance with AI principles.

Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI further builds on towards long-standing commitment to responsible AI system design. It will continue to utilize the breadth of responsible AI ecosystem, including researchers, engineers, and policy experts, to create new strategies that minimize risks.

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